Heather Dubrow Addresses Rumors of Cheating Around Husband Terry

Heather Dubrow has entered the chat.

The “Real Housewives of Orange County” star claims she skipped shooting scenes for the upcoming season of the Bravo reality show due to false rumors surrounding her longtime husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow.

“This isn’t true, on any level,” Heather replied on an Instagram post about a tip recently sent to celebrity gossip page Deuxmoi.

The “anonymous” message had the subject line “accusations of cheating in the OC” and read: “This housewife hasn’t been filming with her colleagues for weeks. There are whispers in the street that … her husband’s affairs have surfaced. and we know who isn’t afraid to air it all.’

While the tip didn’t mention “Fancy Pants” or her “Botched” star hubby by name, Heather clearly felt the need to set the record straight.

Heather Dubrow's Instagram Comment
The “RHOC” star called the claim “not true” in an Instagram comment.

The podcast host “Heather Dubrow’s World” found herself rejecting similar gossip earlier this year.

“There’s now a rumor going online that Terry had been fucking his assistant for years,” she said on an April episode. “It’s not true. I’m not going to give it any weight or any life because it’s stupid.”

Heather Dubrow
Heather also stopped rumors about Terry earlier this year.

Season 16 of “RHOC,” which marked the Dubrows’ big comeback after a four-year hiatus, saw the pair form a united front to fight other kinds of rumors — the ones related to Terry’s work as a plastic surgeon.

During the opening episodes of last season, it was revealed that Nicole James – a “friend of the housewives” – had sued 64-year-old Terry many years ago for a supposedly botched surgery.

The Dubrows were furious, but not crazy enough to “slam a cameraman against a wall,” as Noella Bergener had claimed.

Heather, 53, not only repeatedly denied the accusation, but sources close to the production assured Vidak For Congress that no one showed any form of physicality.

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