Melissa and Joe Gorga ‘laugh away’ over cheating rumors

Melissa and Joe Gorga are not concerned about recent allegations of cheating on the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, a source told Vidak For Congress exclusively.

“They’re laughing about it,” the insider shares, noting that the claims that Melissa allegedly had a rendezvous with actor Nick Barrotta are “ridiculous.”

“[They’ve] all friends for years.”

A split of Melissa and Joe Gorga and actor Nick Barrotta.
Melissa and Joe Gorga are “laughing” at rumors of “RHONJ” star and actor Nick Barrotta, a source claims.
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The source also tells Vidak For Congress that Melissa, 43, and Barrotta, 31, have always hung out in a group and that the married star of “Tyler Perry’s The Oval” is still close friends with the reality star’s husband, Joe, 42. .

Sources close to Barrotta also debunked the allegations on Monday, telling the Daily Mail that the “Divorce Court” alum is “appalled that someone would come up with something so vile in an attempt to destroy two families”.

The woman accused of bringing the rumor to the “Housewives” spoke exclusively to Vidak For Congress on Tuesday, claiming that “RHONJ” star Margaret Josephs is the real pot stirrer.

“I’m sticking to my truth,” Laura Marasca Jensen told us. “I never said [the rumor] was true. I said Margaret told me someone saw that. I never said Melissa did that.”

A black and white photo of Joe Gorga and Nick Barrotta.
We’re told that Joe and Barrotta are still friends.

However, several sources claim that Jensen – who has auditioned three times to play “RHONJ” – allegedly told Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Aydin the rumor during a four-hour meeting to try and get a spot on the show.

“She went to two people who didn’t like it” [Margaret] crying to them and telling them all these stories,” said a source.

“Things with a grain of truth, she twisted it. So were Margaret and Melissa ever out with these guys? Yes. Have you ever kissed? No. No one has kissed anyone.’

Melissa Gorga, Jennifer Aydin and Teresa Giudice
Jensen claims she had no intention of meeting Jennifer Aydin and Teresa Giudice to gossip about Melissa.
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Jensen confirmed she met Giudice, 50, and Aydin, 45, to try and join them in case she made it to the show, but insists she didn’t mean to harm Melissa.

A source close to production confirmed to Vidak For Congress on Tuesday that the false rumor is “rising” in the upcoming season of “RHONJ.” A separate insider confirmed that Aydin is the “housewife” who revealed the scandalous tea on camera.

We’re also told that the drama didn’t cause a rift between Josephs and the Gorgas, but the pair seem to hold a grudge against Giudice for meeting Jensen and reportedly helping the rumor get into the show.

Nick Barrotta at a group dinner with Melissa and Joe Gorga.
Photos on social media show Barrotta dating Joe and Melissa Gorga several times.

Vidak For Congress exclusively reported last week that the real estate developer and owner of the Envy boutique were not attending Giudice’s wedding to Luis “Louie” Ruelas on Saturday.

A source told us at the time that a “very exciting ‘Housewives’ finale was taped” earlier this week, raising the rumor.

Bravo hasn’t announced a premiere date for season 13 of “RHONJ” yet.

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