‘RHOBH’ star Sutton thinks Erika Garcelle owes a ‘bigger apology’

Unfinished business.

Sutton Stracke believes Erika Jayne Garcelle Beauvais owes a “bigger apology” for berating her son.

Reflecting on the moment Jayne, 51, told Jax, 14, to “take the f–k out” of his own mother’s birthday party, the Southern socialite said she would have confronted her right away.

“If I had been there and she had said that, it wouldn’t sit well with me,” she told Daily Pop on Thursday. “I was very angry when I heard she said that.”

Sutton, 50, added: “I apologize 80 times so I think a bigger apology…I mean Garcelle is very friendly and she accepted the apology but just totally inappropriate.”

As for her own relationship with Jayne — who she’s feuded with for the last two seasons of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” — she said, “Erika and I just always stand still. So it is what it is.”

Sutton Stracke
Sutton Stracke thinks Erika Jayne’s apology to Garcelle Beauvais wasn’t enough.
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A few episodes back, the singer was criticized for drinking too much at Beauvais’ 55th birthday party and making several inappropriate comments to the former model’s sons.

She specifically got into trouble with Beauvais because she told Jax, who was returning to pick up a flower arrangement, “Wait, what are you doing here?”

“Get the fk out of here, get the fk out of here, get the fk out of here before you get in trouble!”

Erika Jayne
Jayne swore at one of Beauvias’ sons at his mother’s birthday party.
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Jax, who was accompanied by Crystal Kung Minkoff, told his mother that he had been “violated for taking flowers”.

Beauvais – whose son Jaid, 14, was also at the party – confronted her opponent about the situation, for which she apologized.

“I take full responsibility and I talked and treated the kids like they were adults and I was wrong,” she said.

“But I’ll say this, it wasn’t from a bad place, it wasn’t mean, it was just wrong.”

Gacelle Beauvais
Beauvais later confronted Jayne about the situation and she apologized.

She also praised the mother of three for raising respectful kids who wanted to interact with the partygoers instead of sitting on their phones all the time.

In addition to her comment to Jax, Jayne reportedly gave a pass to Beauvais’ oldest son Oliver, 31, and asked if he was interested in a threesome with her.

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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