Love Island USA’s Val Talks Love Triangle With Jesse And Deb

“Love Island USA” star Val Bragg was saddened to be the first to leave the villa this season, but is happy to say goodbye to her short-lived romance with Jesse Bray.

In an interview with Vidak For Congress, the tattooed beauty says she believes Bray only went back to his first choice, Deb Chubb, to stay on the Peacock reality show.

“I think he’s just trying to save a place if I’m being honest,” Bragg tells exclusively, pointing to the hefty $100,000 prize for the last pair standing.

“And I think Deb was more submissive to him. I come with a more strong, bold personality and I feel like I was seen as a threat to him more than Deb,” she explains.

“Deb gave him a lot of attention, so I feel like that gives him the assurance of, ‘Okay, she’s invested a lot in me. I’m going with the girl who shows me more.’”

Val Bragg
“Love Island USA” star Val Bragg isn’t sure if her ex Jesse Bray has the best intentions with current partner Deb Chubb.
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Bray originally paired up with Chubb at the start of the season – but after bombshell Bragg made a late entrance – his head turned and a new pair was formed.

The handsome courier told the Costa Rican resident that he was “physically attracted to her” and could “learn so much” from her because she was “such a smart” person.

At the same time, Bray had given similar lines to Chubb—which the women discovered during a tense girl-to-girl chat. In an instant, Bragg found Bray to let him know that she would no longer participate in the messy love triangle he had created.

Deb Chubb and Jesse Bray on "Love Island USA"
Bray went back to his original choice, Deb Chubb, after Bragg called it quits due to their brief romance.

Bragg tells Vidak For Congress that she thought the dramatic sequence of events would serve as a “warning” for Chubb – but it only seemed to rekindle the latter’s interest in Bray.

“I was trying to help her and show her the type of man he is so she’s careful. But I know she was very interested in him,” she says.

Catch Bragg and Jesse Bray "Love Island USA"
Bray’s head turned to Bragg as she arrived at the villa late.
Casey Durkin/Peacock

“She was a little blinded and didn’t see his actions for what they were. But instead she took it as, ‘Oh my god, okay, he wants me.’”

If she could talk to Chubb today, Bragg would share more of her unfiltered opinion about Bray.

Jesse Bray and Deb Chubb kiss on "Love Island USA"
“Girl, be careful,” Bragg Chubb warns in an exclusive interview with Vidak For Congress.
Casey Durkin/Peacock

“Girl, be careful because he didn’t just play me, he played us both,” she says. “The fact that I had to do my very best to [the truth] from him, I feel like that says a lot about his character.”

Even though her “Love Island USA” journey is over, Bragg says she’s still looking forward to seeing Mr. right.

“[I want] someone who makes me laugh, someone who just appreciates what i have to offer and just treats me right. I am such an honest and sincere person. I just expect the same in return,” she says of finding her ideal partner.

Jesse Bray, Val Bragg, Mady and Andy onward "Love Island USA"
After leaving “Love Island USA,” Bragg says she’s looking for a partner who “appreciates” what she has to offer.
Casey Durkin/Peacock

“Nowadays it’s just hard. In guys, some just don’t know what they want. Show me you know what you want—and you want me.’

“Love Island USA” — hosted by Sarah Hyland — is available to stream on Peacock. New episodes air Tuesday through Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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