JoJo Siwa Revealed She Has Bald Spots From ‘Dance Moms’ Stress

JoJo Siwa is clearing the air in her hair.

The pop star — who made headlines amid her ‘rudest celebrity’ drama with Candace Cameron Bure — posted a TikTok yesterday with a bald spot on the side of her head… and it’s not of her signature ponytails.

Writing, “If anyone notices my bald spot and wonders where it came from…”, the star sweeps her short ‘do’ aside in the video, revealing a significant area of ​​missing hair.

The clip then flashes to several images of her as a child on “Dance Moms,” with the caption: “Stress rash on my head when I was on Dance Moms led to no more hair there.”

“I’m confused it’s from tight ponytails?” noted one follower, prompting Siwa — who chopped off her long locks this spring — to post a follow-up video concluding that theory.

Jojo Siwa when she was younger
As a child, Siwa starred in the dance competition reality show “Dance Moms” for two seasons.
NY Post Brian Zak

“I thought I’d just explain this,” she said in the clip — captioned “stress rash squadddddd babyyyy” — with the fan comment at the top of her video.

“It’s not actually from the ponytails, because if it were my ponytails – considering it went this way – it would be this,” said the So You Think You Can Dance jury, as he added the fuller hair to the back. other side of her head.

“When I was little, I had a really bad stress rash here on ‘Dance Moms,'” she explained, adding that she would “try it all day” and eventually “every hair follicle that was ever good out there.”

Jojo Siwa
Siwa explained in a new TikTok clip why her hair damage was not due to ponytails.

Fans of the “Dancing with the Stars” alumna – known as Siwanatorz – shared their support under the post, writing comments like “Dancing moms seem stressful and I wasn’t even there” and “Poor baby yo-yo kids shouldn’t be dealing with so much stress!”

While the trauma of her dance competition days clearly had an impact on her health (and her hair), the star said she was starting to see some regrowth.

Commenting on a fan who wrote, “YESS JOJO ITS COMING BACK,” on her TikTok, Siwa said: “SLOW. It’s been 8 years now and it’s finally growing again.”

Jojo Siwa
The star rocked a fun metallic look as she attended the Season 3 premiere of “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” last night.

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