Jessie James Decker attends brother’s wedding after estrangement

Jessie James Decker was all smiles at her previously estranged brother John James’ wedding on Monday.

While the 34-year-old fashion designer has yet to post any photos from the ceremony, she was featured in one of the 27-year-old groom’s social media uploads.

James Decker rocked a blue dress and gold heels in the family photo.

“So incredibly grateful for yesterday,” James wrote on the Instagram slideshow on Tuesday. “It really felt like the pinnacle of my life to share that moment with my friends and family. After four years of trying, I was finally able to marry my best friend.”

The creator of Strong+Sexy Fit and his pregnant new wife, Ali Green, married daughters Emerson and Callie.

John James and Ali Green
Decker’s younger sibling married Ali Green on Monday.

It’s unclear if James Decker’s three children — Vivianne, 8, Eric II, 6, and Forrest, 4 — attended the event.

The little ones recently got to spend time with their cousins ​​when the “Flip My Hair” singer reunited with her brother at a birthday party.

John James, Ali Green, Emerson and Callie
James’ wife is pregnant with baby No. 3.

James, who was “on the fence about going” fearing it would be “awkward,” called the experience “a dream come true” on a May episode of the “Spillover” podcast.

He squirted, “[The kids are] so loving and so good with each other. So it was really great to see.”

Jessie James Decker, Eric Decker, Vivianne, Eric II and Forrest
Decker, for her part, is the mother of Vivianne, Eric II and Forrest.

While there were no “heart-to-heart” conversations with James Decker or her husband, Eric Decker at the time, James said, “It was just very cordial for my mother’s sake, I’d say.

“I definitely think it’s a start,” he continued. “There are still many wounds to heal, but I definitely think this is the start of something big.”

The country star, for her part, has yet to speak directly about her past estrangement or reconciliation with her younger sibling, but she did hint at their “personal family affair” in a June Instagram post.

“I had some family issues a few years ago that I struggled with immensely and to this day I just let myself break down and cry,” Kittenish’s creator wrote last month.

“I would never have chosen to go out in public and open that door…but it happened, and it still hurts my heart,” she concluded.

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