Fired CNN host Chris Cuomo makes comeback with new podcast

Following his resignation from CNN, Chris Cuomo is making a comeback with a new podcast and digitally streamed show.

The journalist, 51, is teasing his new media entity – dubbed “The Chris Cuomo Project” – on his Instagram in an attempt to restart his career.

A source tells The Post that Cuomo has rebranded himself as “free agent” and will be launching the podcast soon, noting that it will be streamed on both his website and YouTube.

“His podcast is being recorded and streamed. Chris is loaded so he will do well,” the source said. “And he’s not doing this to make money, it’s to get his voice back.”

The source added that Cuomo is “rogue” in a “defiant move” against CNN.

“He will find guys who are also ‘free agents’ and make their own way to express his concept,” the source teased.

As Vidak For Congress previously reported, Cuomo was fired from CNN last year for advising his brother, then-Governor Andrew Cuomo, over a sexual misconduct scandal.

Cuomo was then charged with trying to destroy the network by exposing an affair between former CNN boss Jeff Zucker and his assistant Allison Gollust.

In March, Chris filed a stellar arbitration case against CNN, claiming $125 million, which included lost future revenue after CNN reportedly destroyed his reputation.

Sources say he can work while the arbitration continues as he is no longer under contract with CNN.

Chris Cuomo shirtless
The fired CNN host wants everyone to know that he is rogue as a reporter.

Months later, in June, Cuomo posted Instagram videos of himself in Ukraine, where he met his “brother” Sean Penn, who is filming a documentary.

He also took a swipe at CNN by writing on Ukraine’s Instagram: “‘Interest here has slowed…the war is only accelerating. I’ll give you more reason to worry soon. Thanks for the interest.”

More recently, Chris posted a teaser for “The Chris Cuomo Project,” which shows him walking around New York, sitting at a desk with a large microphone.

“Calling all free agents, we’re getting close!” he wrote at the time.

Chris Cuomo
The journalist was released from CNN in 2021.
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The same slick and well-produced teaser, which is set to dramatic guitar music, is also running on YouTube. Meanwhile, Chris also sells “free agent” merchandise, the profits of which he says will go to charity.

A representative for Chris declined to comment.

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