Shirtless Chris Cuomo Teases New Summer Project

It is official. Chris Cuomo is back.

The disgraced former CNN host posted an Instagram reel on Friday featuring photos of him shirtless, smoking a cigar and tensing his muscles.

“Something is coming. † † Summer ’22,’ teased Cuomo, 51, while also showing off his chest tattoo.

A Cuomo representative did not immediately respond to Vidak For Congress’s request for comment.

The journalist’s plague was greeted with much fanfare by his followers.

“I can’t stop a good man,” remarked former rugby player Keith Mason.

Marketing guru Greg Calejo shared a bull’s eye and sunglasses emojis, while many loyal followers gushed about how much they “missed” him.

Chris Cuomo bows
The former CNN journalist flexed his muscles as he soaked up the summer sun.

The former ‘Cuomo Prime Time’ star returned to Instagram in June 2022 after a hiatus last November. He marked his return with several snapshots from his visit to Ukraine’s war zone.

“In Ukraine. We can’t forget. Russians apparently target civilians,” Cuomo wrote at the photo collection.

Chris Cuomo
Cuomo marked his return to Instagram in June after a seven-month hiatus.

Cuomo, who now identifies as a “free agent” since CNN fired him last December, initially did not explain why he was in Ukraine. He promised to just “go after it” — his catchphrase from his canceled primetime show on CNN.

But on July 4, he revealed in a separate Instagram post, “I was here with my brother Sean Penn working on a film that shows reality and helps the injured with relief agency CORE.”

Chris Cuomo
Cuomo was fired after allegedly trying to help his brother, the then government. Andrew Cuomo, is fighting allegations of sexual misconduct.
Getty Images for SiriusXM

Cuomo claimed that Penn interviewed Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy, “who argued for more from the US — from whoever.” He also highlighted Darya Serhyi and Andrey, “proud Ukrainians and journalists… who are taking big risks to capture the story with Penn and others.”

The journalist was fired from his iconic show on CNN after he reportedly advised his brother, the then government. Andrew Cuomo, how to evade allegations of sexual harassment.

He was also accused of sexual misconduct by a female colleague.

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