Zeta starts ‘drama’ after Bria turns Timmy’s head

A bomb (shell) has been dropped on the villa “Love Island USA”!

Zeta lets her husband Timmy go after his head turns for new Islander Bria on tonight’s episode of the Peacock reality show — and Vidak For Congress has an exclusive first look at the explosive scene.

“I know she’s coming for Timmy. I told him, “She’s definitely your type,” Zeta tells her friend Sereniti in the clip, showing that she’s very alert. “But then he came to me and was like, ‘I just want to look at things day by day.'”

Sereniti informs Zeta that Timmy has also shown romantic interest in Bria, who, along with brother Chazz, entered “Love Island USA” as the very first sibling duo of the series.

“He definitely said he was attracted to her,” Sereniti tells Zeta.

The British model has a visceral reaction to the news and immediately yells at Timmy from across the villa.

Put on "Love Island USA"
Zeta won’t let go of her husband Timmy after his head turns for the new Islander Bria on tonight’s episode of ‘Love Island USA’.

“Timmy, you little liar!” she screams. “Joker!”

Sereniti seems to regret spilling the tea, whispering to herself, “Damn, why do you have to do that when I’m here?”

Timmy, whose chat with islanders Mady and Sydney is interrupted by Zeta’s outburst, then asks, “Wow, what happened?”

Zeta and Sereniti on "Love Island USA"
Zeta, seen here with friend Serenity, promises to “start drama” in the exclusive preview of Vidak For Congress.

Still furious, Zeta continues, “Are you gaming now? Is that what you’re up to?”

She then stands up to confront Timmy and swears out loud, “I’m about to start drama.”

And start with drama she does. “Timmy, are you attracted to Bria?” she asks as she approaches the real estate agent.

Timmy on "Love Island USA"
Timmy claims he has already told Zeta about his romantic interest in Bria.

“I told you this here,” he claims, though Zeta doesn’t believe it. “No, you didn’t!” she fires back.

“Yeah, we can take it easy, Timmy,” she adds before walking away. “For real slowly.”

Until now, Timmy and Zeta have been considered one of the strongest couples in the villa. However, with his apparent appeal to Bria known, an imminent reconnection ceremony is sure to shake up the current dynamic.

Chazz and Bria on "Love Island USA"
Bombshell Bria entered the villa along with brother Chazz, making them the very first sibling duo of the series.

Bria is tasked with choosing a girl for Chazz to mate with, while Chazz must choose a boy for his sister.

“Love Island USA” — hosted by Sarah Hyland — is available to stream on Peacock. New episodes air Tuesday through Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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