Bob Saget’s widow reacts to Candace Cameron Bure’s Jojo Siwa drama

Bob Saget’s widow Kelly Rizzo supported Candace Cameron amid her “crazy” drama with JoJo Siwa.

When the 46-year-old ‘Fuller House’ alum posted an apology video to the 19-year-old singer via Instagram, Rizzo, 43, commented on her support.

“Ha ha, Candace! Why are you so mean!?!? ” the blogger joked. “(jk you’re the best ever).”

Rizzo, who was married to Saget from October 2018 until his death in January, concluded: “So crazy you even had to spill all the tea…if the kids say it that way these days).”

While Trevor Donovan, Tori Spelling and more 90210 stars praised Bure in the comment section, other Instagram users criticized the actress for using her social media post to teach a “lesson” about the “damage” that TikTok videos do. can create.

“Maybe you’re focusing on how your actions hurt then – not just how her Tik Tok did. … This video is annoying,” wrote one follower.

Kelly Rizzo, Jojo Siwa and Candace Cameron Bure
Kelly Rizzo called Candace Cameron Bure “the best ever” amid her drama with Jojo Siwa.
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Another called the response “icky” and wrote, “I understand where you’re coming from, but this was extremely passive-aggressive.”

Siwa made headlines Monday for calling Bure the “rudest celebrity” she’s ever met in a TikTok video.

Bure, who called the dancer after the video went viral, explained that the unlikely feud stemmed from a red carpet interaction in 2016.

Bob Saget and Kelly Rizzo
Rizzo was married for three years to Bure’s late ‘Full House’ colleague Bob Saget.

“[Siwa] said… ‘I came up to you and I said, ‘Can I have a picture with you?’ and you said to me, ‘Not now,’ and then you continued what you were doing and taking pictures with other people,’ the Hallmark star explained, noting that she was feeling ‘bad’.

After clarifying that she and the “So You Think You Can Dance” judge are now “all fine”, Bure asked the audience to “go on”.

Candace Cameron Bure
Bure asked her Instagram followers to “keep going” from Tuesday’s unlikely feud.
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She said, “Every year I get older I grow and mature and I just hope we can all have mercy on each other.”

Before raising the drama via social media, Bure posted a Bible verse that read, “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.”

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