You’re not erasing your search history properly. Here’s how 2023

Not that any of us care about such things. Strange things have been googled by all of us. The ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy of The Daily Star on the browsing habits of its readers seems reasonable.

Contrarily, Google does not delete your search and YouTube history from its servers even if you clear them from your browser.

This means Google may track specific queries, such as “lawnmower videos” or “privates shaving tips.”

We’ve compiled this guide on how to properly clear your Google and YouTube search history to save you some time and effort. Even while these methods will still be public knowledge, following them will improve your online privacy.

You're not erasing your search history properly. Here's how 2023 2

Erase your mobile phone’s YouTube history.

There are multiple options for clearing your YouTube history.

With only a tap, you may clear your entire search history in this software. Launch YouTube, type your query into the search bar, and bookmark your suggested results by clicking the History button. Like a clock in appearance. Select “Remove” from the alert menu.

You can prevent the YouTube app from saving your search history.

Select “Settings” > “Manage all history” by tapping your profile picture. Uncheck the box next to “Include your searches on YouTube” if you find the option to save your YouTube history.

You're not erasing your search history properly. Here's how 2023 3

Clearing your Android’s Google search history.

The Google search app, accessible via the Home Screen search bar, is one of Android’s greatest features.

You can clear your search history in the same way that you can clear your YouTube history—just tap and hold.

You can get rid of these for good by wiping your Google Search history:

  • To view your search history on an Android device, open Google and tap your profile picture.
  • To permanently remove your search history, select Delete > Delete all.
  • You can remove searches from a certain time frame by selecting Delete > Delete custom range.

Tweak the settings to permanently erase your browser’s cache. Click Controls in the search history to get back there. Select Web & App Activity, then tap Auto-delete (On).

Your Google account must not have any traces of previous searches.

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