Amazon Prime Video Dialogue Boost: How it works, perks, and more 2023

Amazon Prime Video, a platform for streaming videos that requires a paid subscription, just released a new accessibility feature that they name “Dialogue Boost.” It was initially made accessible for select Amazon Originals titles located in overseas markets.

This function allows you to increase the volume of the dialogue in relation to the music in the background and any additional effects. Users who have difficulty hearing were taken into consideration throughout the development of the Dialogue Boost feature.

Amazon Prime Video Dialogue Boost: How it works, perks, and more 2023 2

However, the feature can be used by everybody according to their own individual listening preferences. Check out the responses to some of the most essential frequently asked questions regarding the most recent Dialogue Boost function that was added to Prime Video.

How exactly does one go about using the Dialogue Boost feature?

The source audio is analyzed by the Dialogue Boost feature, which looks for places in a movie or TV show when it may be difficult to hear the dialogue due to the presence of other sounds, such as sound effects or background music. Following this step, the speech patterns are retrieved, and the audio quality is enhanced, so that the dialogue may be better understood.

What are some of the advantages of utilizing the Dialogue Boost feature?

An AI-based approach gives a focused improvement to specific portions of spoken speech rather than a general amplification at the center channel in a home theater system. This is because the AI-based approach is powered by machine learning.

When will the “Dialogue Boost” function become available for use on my Prime Video app?

On any of your devices that are able to handle the Prime Video experience, you will have access to the Dialogue Boost feature.

Where exactly am I supposed to look for the Dialogue Boost option on Prime Video?

Customers have the ability to check the Dialogue Boost levels while the game is being played and select the level they want to utilize by going to the drop-down menus for the audio and subtitles. The following labels will be present in the audio files: “English Dialogue Boost: Medium” and “English Dialogue Boost: High.” On the title’s detail page, if Dialogue Boost is available, you will also be able to see it there.

Which products sold by Amazon allow customers to take advantage of the Dialogue Boost feature?

Customers may now access Dialogue Boost on a certain number of Amazon Originals, such as “Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan,” “The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel,” and Harlem, in addition to a select number of films, such as “The Big Sick,” “Beautiful Boy,” and “Being the Ricardos.”

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