Yoon Ahn Denies Kanye’s Claim She Slept With A$AP Rocky

Kanye West throws another celebrity under the bus.

In one of his infamous Instagram diatribes, 45-year-old rapper A$AP accused Rocky of sleeping with fashion designer Yoon Ahn, but Ambush’s creative director set the record straight on her story this morning.

“High low weak. Rocky f-ked Yoon. Then,” West wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post on Thursday, asking Ahn, 45, to reply: “LOL. Not true, but okay,” before clapping back herself.

“Not just using false accusations of sex, spreading that lie in the name of God to insult a woman is the lowest of the low,” wrote Ahn — who is also a jewelry designer for Dior Men — and a bible verse below. adds her text. post stating “Beware of False Prophets – Matthew 7:15.”

Yoon Ahn portrait
Yoon Ahn is the creative director of Tokyo-based fashion brand Ambush.

West has worn Ambush’s designs in the past, as have fellow celebrities like Jay-Z, Rihanna and Beyoncé.

And while Rocky kept quiet about this, the “Danda” rapper posted a retraction this morning—albeit one that basked Ahn’s fashion brand—while also (yet again) spewing a separate diatribe about his daughter Chicago’s birthday party.

“New confirmation,” he wrote. “Rocky didn’t f-k Yoon. Ambush still garbage. I knew Yoon and verbally before Tremendez. Arrange with Thou, stay out of it unless you want to get in. Because you were all out when Chi was kidnapped on her birthday.”

Kanye West instagram
West beat up Ahn and her fashion brand on Instagram yesterday.

The Yeezy designer referred to Chicago’s 4th birthday party in January; he claimed ex-wife Kim Kardashian, 41, initially refused to tell him the address of the bash. West later attended the party, but not before releasing a viral video taunting the Kardashians and accusing them of “kidnapping” his daughter.

Followers were unimpressed by today’s post, one of which wrote in part: “A family birthday party is NOT a kidnapping. This poor kid will read these posts one day. Go to Florida and help people. My goodness!! No one kidnapped and nobody gets involved.”

as soon as possible rocky
A$AP Rocky welcomed his first child with Rihanna earlier this year.
Getty Images

“Boy, move on,” commented another. “Your kid better be away from you right now. Get off social media, get help, focus on you and your career, and stop this bulls-t.”

The social media posts follow Ye’s controversial Tucker Carlson interview Thursday night, in which he criticized everything from Skims’ “overly sexualized” ad campaigns to Lizzo’s weight.

The “Gold Digger” rapper also defended his decision to use “White Lives Matter” shirts on Yeezy’s Season 9 show earlier this week.

“I thought the shirt was a funny shirt,” he said. “I thought the idea of ​​wearing it was funny.”

West’s dad apparently did too, with the fashion mogul saying he described the design as “just a black guy saying the obvious”.

Kanye West, ASAP Rocky
West was pictured with A$AP Rocky during a trip to New York in February.
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