Why ‘Love Is Blind’s Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson Are Divorcing’

“Love Is Blind” star Danielle Ruhl has shed more light on why she and Nick Thompson are divorcing.

Ruhl clarified on social media that there was no infidelity on either side, but she and Thompson instead suffered from “personality compatibility differences.”

“I know a lot of people are wondering why we ended our relationship,” she said on her Instagram Story on Sunday. “It really only came down to differences in personality compatibility.”

Ruhl, 28, shared that the basic problem made it “even more difficult” because nothing concrete happened that caused the relationship to fall apart.

“I live in this state of denial where it’s like, yeah, but we love each other, but — I don’t know if anyone else is telling — but you can still love each other and do your best to move on,” she said.

Ruhl admitted that she and Thompson, 37, began their divorce amicably, but it has since soured by the added stress of the “divorce process.” In addition, Ruhl said she has been the victim of social media bullying and became angry when her now-estranged husband did not stand up for her.


“It really only came down to differences in personality compatibility,” she said in an Instagram video.



“It really only came down to differences in personality compatibility,” she said in an Instagram video.


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“That really upset me because he didn’t really respond when I said, ‘Hey, this is happening,'” she explained. “And again, that’s not his. I shouldn’t care. This is not [an] I-hate-Nick thing. Again, I care about him. I’m just trying to explain why it went wrong.

“Because again, when we decided to split up, it was a mutual decision. It was something we talked about. It wasn’t just a whim, even if it seems like it. For example, we tried very hard.”

Nick Thompson kisses Danielle Ruhl on the cheek on a couch.
Ruhl filed for divorce in August.

It seems that Thompson’s fans weren’t too kind to Ruhl’s message, as she later issued a statement clarifying that she didn’t want to blame him.

“I was trying to make it clear that I shouldn’t have been reactive or making assumptions,” she wrote on her Instagram Story on Monday. “I’m clearly communicating wrongly because I don’t want anyone to hate or think the other party is responsible.

“If you see or read those and they are interpreted that he should be to blame for something that is wrong, so please no hate,” she continued. “I made a… [sic] unintentional mistake that has done more harm than good.”

Ruhl, who filed for divorce on August 15, and Thompson were the last couple in the second season of the Netflix dating series. The duo followed in the footsteps of Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones when they announced a few days earlier that they were going through divorce proceedings.

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