SEO Toolbars: 7 ChatGPT Add-ons for Your Browser 2023

Search engine optimization may be simplified with ChatGPT. Enhancing SEO-related prompts and facilitating ChatGPT access, browser plugins are useful.

The following are seven ChatGPT browser extensions. Each was tried in either Firefox or Chrome, however I advise against using all of them concurrently due to the possibility of incompatibilities. Choose those that match your habit and environment.

SEO Toolbars: 7 ChatGPT Add-ons for Your Browser 2023 2

Examples of Prompts

The quality of ChatGPT depends on the prompt. Three browser addons provide ideas.
This is an illustration. I selected the “Keyword Strategy” template and typed “funny Instagram places” into the extension. In response to this request, ChatGPT provided this chart including more keywords in this cluster, along with their purpose, title tags, and meta descriptions.

Screenshot of keyword clusters in ChatGPT

Register an AIPRM account and link it with ChatGPT. The addon will then save your preferred prompts to make them more accessible.

I’ve utilized the extension several times. It’s useful even for jobs I hadn’t considered. But, it operates optimally with the premium version of ChatGPT. It is the only disadvantage.

ChatGPT Prompt Genius is an addon for Firefox and Chrome. Start by selecting one of the available templates.

Screenshot of ChatGPT Prompt Genius templates

Next, fill the highlighted boxes to communicate your requirement to ChatGPT.

Superpower ChatGPT is an extension for Firefox and Chrome that, among other valuable features, provides access to community-driven prompts.

Install the extension and select “Community prompts.” Based on your assignment, search the prompts and arrange the results by “Top” to view those with the most votes.

Users can “favorite” a prompt to access it via their extension history more quickly.

Superpower ChatGPT is less structured than the preceding AIPRM extension. I perused several of prompts before selecting one to test. Despite this, a number of the prompts were motivating.

Screenshot of prompt template page

Sources and Citations

ChatGPT has minimal web-browsing and source-providing capabilities.

WebChatGPT is a Firefox and Chrome browser plugin that connects top search results to each question, prompting ChatGPT to utilize and cite them as sources. Users can decide the number of top results to display in the prompt.

Consider that I ask ChatGPT, “What is a CTA?”

“The plugin will search Google for that inquiry and add the best organic results to my prompt.

Responses from Search

ChatGPT for Google, a Firefox and Chrome plugin, allows you to quickly view ChatGPT-generated definitions of any Google query. It is particularly beneficial for defining words inside material and creating glossaries. Be sure to verify the veracity of each term, though.

Screenshot of search results in WebChatGPT

Immediate Summaries

Summarize is an addon for Chrome that instructs ChatGPT to compress any website. Click the extension’s toolbar icon to display the ChatGPT summary. It is useful for making rapid SEO briefs (of rivals’ material) or summarizing your own content without duplicating it for social networking, email marketing, or even Medium.

The Chrome and Safari plugin YouTube Summary with ChatGPT utilizes ChatGPT to summarize YouTube videos using their transcripts. The extension adds a button to every YouTube video page that links to ChatGPT and prompts the user to create a summary from the transcript.

It generates descriptions of your YouTube videos or compiles summaries for other content.

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