Overwatchers think they found the new OW2 hero 2023

This week, the Overwatch developers provided several indications regarding the next two characters, claiming that they will be “cute” in a manner similar to Mercy (and not a dog).

After reviewing alternatives, the Overwatch 2 community feels they know the new support hero.

In addition, they hinted that the new support hero’s kit will have “mechanics that will be really entertaining to see in high-level games” and will be entirely original.

Although that’s all the developers have revealed thus far regarding Season 4’s new hero, players have exploited this information to come up with two potential choices from current Overwatch canon.

Overwatchers think they found the new OW2 hero 2023 2

Players of Overwatch 2 may have discovered Season 4’s support hero.

A user highlighted an intriguing interplay between D.Va and Tracer in a post that got significant attention on Reddit.

“D.Va and Tracer already have an uncommon interaction about Overlord that I believe is unknown to the majority of people. Do you believe he will be one of the following two “cute” support heroes?” A fan reflected.

D.Va informs Tracer in the spawn room that she will “have to introduce you to Overlord,” noting that he is the finest pilot she knows.

Is the upcoming Overwatch 2 hero a comic-book character?

Some fans have other theories on the Season 4 support character. Another user indicated that Lynx 17 may be the latest addition in a widely circulated post.

“Everyone believes Overlord will become the new support, but have we forgotten Zarya’s UNIQUE Omnic companion?” The player proposed, noting that he has also met Sombra, enables tanks, and meets the definition of adorable.

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