‘Pocahontas’ star Irene Bedard arrested for disorderly conduct

The actress who voiced Pocahontas in the 1996 Disney animated film was arrested Friday, Vidak For Congress has confirmed.

Court records show that Irene Bedard was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. She has a hearing scheduled for August 29.

Vidak For Congress has requested the police report detailing Bedard’s alleged crime.

Bedard was taken into custody Friday in Greene County, Ohio, after police received a call to conduct a wellness check on a woman who passed out in the bushes on a residential street, TMZ reported.

When officers arrived, they said they had discovered the “Smoke Signals” star in a nearby parking lot, where she was displaying a wide range of emotions. Another woman named Sheila informed police of a person they could contact on Bedard’s behalf, prompting the voice actress to scream before running away and knocking over a table standing on the sidewalk, according to TMZ.

pocahontas movie grab
Bedard is best known for her role as Pocahontas.
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Police officers at the scene eventually pushed Bedard, 55, against a glass window and forced them to try to grab her wrists for fear she would shatter it.

The officers reportedly managed to restrain Bedard with handcuffs and booked her into the Greene County Jail. She was released on Sunday.

irene bedard
Bedard was arrested twice in three days a few years ago.
Getty Images for Disney

The “Edge of America” ​​actress has dealt with the law before. At the end of 2020, Bedard was arrested twice in three days. Police first booked her for domestic violence, assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and criminal damage to the police car after she caused a huge commotion at her ex-husband’s house.

A few days later, she was arrested again at a hotel where she allegedly harassed the receptionist. According to the report, Bedard appeared to be “intoxicated.” She was booked for disorderly conduct.

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