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Meghan Trainor claims that the nurses who looked after her and her son when she gave birth implied that she was responsible for the admission of the newborn to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

“They kept asking me if I was taking antidepressants during pregnancy, and I was, but on the lowest possible dose,” the 28-year-old “All About That Bass” singer told Romper in a profile piece published last week.

Trainor dismissed the nurses that “all” her doctors had told her it was “safe” to take the drugs and “wouldn’t affect” the baby.

“It was really twisted,” she added.

Riley, now 1, was sent to the NICU for having trouble waking up to eat.

“They had no name for what was wrong. He just wouldn’t wake up,” Trainor said of the mysterious condition.

“They said, ‘It’s really up to Riley when he wants to wake up.’ i would be like this Really? Can’t you just zap him and get up?’”

Meghan Trainor hugs her son.
Trainor admitted to taking antidepressants during pregnancy, but the “lowest possible dose”.

According to a large study conducted in Sweden and published in the US Pharmacist publication in 2016, maternal antidepressant use during pregnancy was associated with a higher number of NICU admissions.

Fortunately for Trainor, her son was released from the hospital and was able to go home with her and her husband, Daryl Sabara.

However, the “Me Too” singer said she and the “Spy Kids” star were still worried about their baby because he would barely cry.

“We kept saying, ‘Uh oh, what’s wrong with him? Is this what serial killers are like when they’re first born? Do they never cry?’” she told Romper.


Riley is the first child of Trainor and husband Daryl Sabana.



Riley is the first child of Trainor and husband Daryl Sabana.


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Trainor said she felt the need to stay strong and not collapse from all her worries.

“All the women, all these mamas, you can’t cry, you can’t be like, ‘Today was damn hard,'” she said.

“No, you have to say, ‘Everything is perfect; we are all perfect and happy.’ And that’s not easy.”

Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabana at a movie premiere.
Trainor has said she wants more children with Sabana.
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Trainor previously opened up about the “terrifying” birth of her son, who came after he was breech and therefore had to give birth via cesarean section.

“He didn’t make any noise when he came out. I was like, ‘Why isn’t he crying?'” the singer said “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” on the show “Today” in June 2021.

“I was allowed to see him for a second before they took him. That may have been the worst.”

That experience hasn’t stopped the Grammy winner from expanding her family, though.

Trainor shared in August that she wants to be “whipped” by the end of this year.

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