Helena Christensen, 53, rocks see-through lingerie for Coco de Mer campaign

Helena Christensen warms up the gram.

The supermodel, 53, showed off a range of sexy looks yesterday as she starred in the new Coco de Mer lcons lingerie campaign – and her Instagram followers couldn’t get enough.

Posing in a sheer black lace “Hera” High Neck Bra ($165) and Brazilian Panties ($122) with a matching garter belt ($133) and stockings, the brunette beauty leans against a railing over a sparkling pool in the first photo of the new advertising campaign.

“I always love to hang out in my favorite lingerie @cocodemeruk,” Christensen wrote. “This is my second campaign working with this inspiring team made up entirely of cool women. We loved capturing these images from the perspective of a female gaze.”

Christensen models the brand’s “Sylph” bodysuit.
cocode brand/Instagram

She also shared several behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot, posing in a strappy black “Sylph” bodysuit ($207) in one shot as a group of women surrounded her, and holding a paper fan in other snaps to keep out the British heat. fight wave.

Other pieces she modeled for the campaign include the Coco de Mer “Hera” bodysuit ($315), “Seraphine” briefs ($261) and “Athena” bra ($144) and matching tights ($101).

Famous fans were impressed by the images, such as Kate Bosworth, who noted “Damn” along with three flame emojis. ’90s colleague Shalom Harlow wrote “Wowsers” surrounded by two hearts, while Josh Brolin commented with five fire emojis.

This isn’t the first time she’s shown her skivvies for the shopkeeper; last year, the star was featured in another campaign for Coco de Mer, sharing some sexy snaps on Instagram as a preview.

Despite her toned physique, Christensen recently told the Telegraph that “no woman is always confident in her body,” adding, “the good thing about getting older is realizing that everyone has the same insecurities about everything in life.”

The model told British Vogue that while it’s been hard to see herself as an “icon” for the campaign, “it’s great to feel like you’re radiating something that might make others feel inspired by you.”

Helena Christensen
The model rocked Coco de Mer’s “Seraphine” briefs in the campaign.
Coco de Mero

As for the secrets to preparing for such a big shoot in her 50s, Christensen said “it’s more in my head than physically,” adding that she already “eats more or less healthy” and is “very physically active.” is – the mother of one is a big believer in boxing and swimming in the wild.

And while she rocks lace panties for Coco de Mer, the supermodel — who recently cut her hair — admitted to the magazine that she’s actually a fan of granny panties.

Helena Christensen
One of the campaign photos featured the ‘Athena’ bra and tights.
Coco de Mero

“Sometimes I spend a whole winter wearing the big old cotton ones you find in vintage stores in all kinds of beautiful colors,” she revealed.

Don’t expect the ’90s icon to match her bra with her underwear for a big date, though. “I feel the same about that as I do about anything that matches,” she told the Telegraph. “I always try to do the exact opposite because I hate anything that feels too perfect. My skin starts to tingle around perfection.”

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