Nina Bloomgarden Praises ‘Resort’ Co-Star Nick Offerman

Nina Bloomgarden was shocked to learn that Ron Swanson, aka Nick Offerman, would be playing her on-screen father in Peacock’s “The Resort”.

“My friends in high school, we were like obsessed with ‘Parks and’ [Recreation]’ so when… he was cast, my friends were like, ‘Oh my god! Ron Swanson,’” Bloomgarden tells Vidak For Congress, before gushing over her time filming with the actor.

Nina Bloomgarden and Nick Offerman in "The resort."
Nina Bloomgarden gushed about working with Nick Offerman on ‘The Resort’.
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“He’s the most incredible man. He’s humble, he’s kind, he’s lived a billion lives, he’s a master of a million things, he’s written so many books,” she says, adding that it was an amazing experience to improvise with him.

The pair play a father and daughter while on vacation in 2007, when Bloomgarden’s character and another hotel guest go missing from a resort in Mexico.

Nina Bloomgarden and Nick Offerman in "The resort."
Offerman taught Bloomgarden to use chopsticks while filming.

Bloomgarden tells us she even got some chopstick lessons from Offerman while they were on set together.

“There’s a scene where Nick teaches me how to use chopsticks because he spent a year in Japan doing Kabuki theater… and that, I think, made it to the show, where he teaches me how to use chopsticks.” have to use, so that was fun.”

Nina Bloomgarden
Bloomgarden was a fan of “Parks and Recreation” in high school.
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Despite the show being set in Mexico, the cast filmed in Puerto Rico, which Bloomgarden says wasn’t always a picnic.

“[There were] so many ups and downs,” she explains. “Their dish there is called mofongo, so every time something went wrong for us – which would happen a lot there – we’d all say, ‘Oh, we just got mofongo’ed,” and that just became an inside joke for us. all.”

Nick Offerman
Offerman played Ron Swanson in the hit NBC series from 2009 to 2015.
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However, according to Bloomgarden, the weekends were “incredible” as the cast went to the beach, camped and hiked together.

“It felt like a summer camp mixed with college,” she says. “We were all a family.”

“The Resort” – which follows a couple who discover an unsolved mystery during a Mexican vacation – premieres July 28 on Peacock.

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