Nicole Ari Parker in shape for ‘And Just Like That…’

With just weeks to go until production begins for the second season of her show “And Just Like That…” Nicole Ari Parker comes face to face with the flip side of a high fashion wardrobe: the tiny sizes.

“I really showed this summer with the bread and the cheese and the wine and the butter and I’m paying for that now,” she joked to Vidak For Congress. .”

The mother of two and her family are mostly based in Los Angeles, but she is staying in a New York apartment while filming the HBO series. So her husband, Boris Kodjoe, “Station 19” star, flies in to visit a few days at a time — and she says it can be a distraction when you have to fit so much into a short visit.

Kristen Davis on the left in white top and yellow skirt and Nicole Ari Parker in red top and yellow skirt on the right, both walking down the stairs.
Parker Returns as Lisa Todd Wexley on HBO’s “And Just Like That…”
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“It hurts with the focus on the job and the focus on the script, it does. It’s a lot. It’s a huge dedication, just like everything else I do and want to do. I want to be home. I want working. But I’m happy, so I find the energy. I’m just trying to make it all work somehow.”

And when it comes to riding the subway amid the uptick in crime and the COVID crisis, the 51-year-old isn’t worried. But cleaning supplies.

Cynthia Nixon in plaid, Kristin Davis folding her hands and Sara Jessica Parker in dark coat are all sitting at the picnic table.
The actress calls her co-stars “legendary and iconic.”
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“I’m not nervous about riding the New York subway. I’m from Baltimore; I’m a city girl,” she said, “but I bring Microban 24 and Bounty paper towels to wipe my seat. But I’m not scared at all.”

“Looking forward to the second season,” she adds, “a face-to-face meeting with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Dixon [last season]I mean, they’re iconic and they’re legends. To find out how generous and warm they were as actors and just like people, it was amazing. I can’t wait to go back.”

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