TikToker remakes Nicole Kidman’s Balenciaga outfit with foil

If the silver dress Nicole Kidman modeled on the runway last week reminded you of Reynolds Wrap, you’re not alone.

TikTok superstar Corey O’Brien, who recently redesigned Kim Kardashian’s Marilyn Monroe Met Gala dress with a $12 Forever 21 gown, is back — and this time putting a sly twist on Balenciaga Couture.

“I love making these high-fashion moments recognizable,” O’Brien told Vidak For Congress Style, adding that his TikToks are all about “bringing humor” to an industry that often takes itself too seriously.

Channeling the “Big Little Lies” star, O’Brien said, “I wrapped myself in aluminum foil and prayed for the best. With every step I took, it tore, so I had to find a way to slide.

His strutting struggles may have made the moment more realistic; on social media, many poked fun at Kidman’s “theatrical” gait during the presentation.

But O’Brien, who is in a relationship with NFL player Ryan Russell, didn’t stop at one runway-inspired DIY store. He also replicated the outfits seen on Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, and Naomi Campbell at the star-studded event — hosting, as he put it, “my own Balenciaga runway show for under $50 bucks in my living room.”

O’Brien used an old black fabric — and wore socks as gloves — to recreate Kardashian’s runway ensemble.
Balenciaga/YouTube; Devin Dygert

For Campbell’s shiny caped look, the social media star reached out for another kitchen staple: garbage bags. He even wrapped one of the black Hefty bags around an old shoebox with a hole in the center, creating something akin to the supermodel’s sculptural collar.

O’Brien recreated Lipa’s look with a dress found in the clearance section at Target.
Balenciaga/YouTube; Devin Dygert

“Seeing all these strong, confident women in the same room wearing these incredible designs made this moment so iconic. I knew I had to put my own spin on it,” O’Brien said.

Who says couture has to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars?

One man’s trash is another woman’s couture.
Balenciaga/YouTube; Devin Dygert

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