Max Joseph teases ‘Catfish’ return after a four-year hiatus

Max Joseph makes a cameo on tonight’s 200th episode of ‘Catfish’.

And, as he teases in an exclusive new interview with Vidak For Congress, an official return may be on the table after his four-year hiatus from the MTV reality show.

“I miss the crew on ‘Catfish’ and I really love Kamie [Crawford]Joseph, 40, says of the host who eventually took over Nev Schulman’s consort.

“I love Kamie. She is amazing. I’ve met her a few times and I think she’s a great successor. I think she’s better than me at almost everything [ways]† I think she’s damn good.”

He continues: “I think the two of them are holding up pretty well, but it would be fun and I hope to do a threesome someday. But I can’t really talk to it [now] … It would probably be nice if it happened.”

Max Joseph
Max Joseph teases a ‘Catfish’ comeback in an exclusive interview with Vidak For Congress.
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Joseph produced the original 2010 ‘Catfish’ documentary alongside Schulman, now 37, before turning it into a television series in 2012. The filmmaker tells us that their friendship has only grown stronger in the decade that has passed.

†[Our friendship is] exactly the same. Nev is Nev is Nev. We see each other every now and then when he’s in LA or I’m in New York,” the Southern California native says of their bicoastal bromance. “We’ll just pick up where we left off. So it never feels like so much time has passed.”

Max Joseph and Nev Schulman on "Catfish"
Joseph and boyfriend Nev Schulman started the MTV reality show in 2012.

It also felt like no time had passed when Joseph stepped back in front of MTV’s cameras. In the landmark episode of “Catfish”, yet another “catfish” is exposed for forcing his victim into a deceptive online relationship.

“It was really nice to see everyone. Besides just Kamie, who I see more often, it was nice to see our crew,” he says.

Max Joseph chats with Vidak For Congress
“It was great fun seeing everyone,” Joseph tells Vidak For Congress of reuniting with the “Catfish” crew for the 200th episode.

“There are a number of people who have been there from the start. You know how they say with good friends, it feels like no time passes when you see each other? That’s what it felt like to be there again. It could have been 2017 all over again.”

Joseph left the show in mid-season 7 in 2018 to pursue other opportunities; he most notably directed HBO Max’s “15 Minutes of Shame,” a 2021 collaboration with Monica Lewinsky that explored the societal impact of cancel culture.

Nev Schulman and Max Joseph pose for a "Catfish" promo shot
Joseph left “Catfish” in mid-season 7 in 2018 to pursue other opportunities.

After a long haul of traveling the country to help people discover their mysterious internet romances, Joseph finally seems ready to take up the pleas of fans for him to resume a role in ‘Catfish’.

“They announce it every now and then [they want me back]† But what I really love is that on Twitter, when I see people posting about me, they’re always really quick to say they love Kamie too,” he says. “It’s a very nice fan group and they are very sensitive to both my feelings and Kamie’s.”

Max Joseph, Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford on "Catfish"
“I hope to do a threesome someday,” Joseph says of working with Schulman and new “Catfish” co-host Kamie Crawford.

Joseph adds, “They’re very vocal about missing me, but they’re also very vocal about how much they love Kamie too.”

The 200th episode of Catfish airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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