Måneskin VMA performance censored after wardrobe malfunction

Damiano David’s assless dudes were just about all of the TV viewers who saw Måneskin’s “Supermodel” performance at the MTV VMAs 2022 Sunday night after a wardrobe malfunction.

Just seconds after their performance, the network cut to a view of empty seats for about 40 seconds after their bassist’s top appeared to fall off, exposing her chest completely.

Damiano David
Damiano David showed off his assets in chaps.
Getty Images for MTV/Paramount G

According to photos, Victoria De Angelis had moved to the front of the stage when a crowd of dancers surrounded the band.

But as everyone jumped and danced, her top closed around her waist, exposing her completely.

Victoria De Angelis
The top of Victoria De Angelis appeared to fall off during the performance.

But as the show has to go on, the 22-year-old just kept playing bass, turning the cameras away from the band.

Fans, unaware of the wardrobe malfunction, immediately turned to Twitter to express their confusion – and disappointment – at MTV’s creative decision.

Victoria De Angelis
Fans wondered what had happened.
Getty Images for MTV/Paramount G

“MTV is disappointed that you have chosen not to show a performance!! Repeated empty seats played! What’s up with you!? Ruin their performance. Owe Maneskin an apology!” one viewer tweeted.

“I mean, Nicky can simulate masturbating on stage, but Victoria de Maneskin can’t show a covered nipple? seriously VMAS?? ☠️☠️☠️☠️💀💀💀💀,” another tweeted, referring to Nicki Minaj’s daring performance.

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“kinda f–ked you cut them off, just bc [sic] vic’s top,” another commented. “You didn’t even change the camera, the other three members just completely censored them. unfair.”

While audiences could watch the Italian rock band’s performance, viewers at home were treated only to David’s racy pants selection as he swung his hips around during the performance.

“See you, @thisismaneskin! 🍑 #VMAs,” MTV News tweeted alongside Damiano’s booty shake.

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