Meet Love Island USA’s First Male Bomb of the Season, Tyler

A new bomb enters the villa!

Islander Tyler infiltrates “Love Island USA” on Friday — and Vidak For Congress has an exclusive first look at the arrival of the long-haired hottie.

At the dawn of a new day, the hard hunk greets the islanders as they chill by the pool, leaving many of the women speechless.

Excited about a new romantic prospect, Deb gushes into a confessional: “How did the gods of ‘Love Island’ know exactly what I needed?”

The blonde beauty is currently single after her first partner, Jesse, recently re-matched with newcomer Valerie.

“It’s like one of those grow buddies where you get it in the store, water it and it grows,” she adds.

“That’s what happened. Maybe manifestation really works.”

Tyler Love Island USA
Tyler shakes things up in Vidak For Congress’s exclusive preview of Friday’s new episode of “Love Island USA.”
Love Island USA/YouTube

Deb isn’t the only girl in the villa who is enamored with Tyler’s good looks – and the boys take notice.

At one point, Zeta – who seems to be happily together with Timmy – puts her hands on the new boy’s sculpted shoulder. “I just wanted to have a feeling!” she admits.

“OK, that’s a bomb right there!” enthuses Mady, who has already formed a strong bond with Andy.

Understandably, Andy seems a little threatened by Tyler’s presence.

‘There is a man with very beautiful hair. I’m like, ‘Is he going to come get my girl?’” the self-proclaimed “mama’s boy” tells the camera. “Game on, I guess.”

The girls are instantly charmed by Tyler’s good looks – and one guy even compares the long-haired hottie to Tarzan.
Love Island USA/YouTube

With his long locks and fit physique, an islander can’t help but notice Tyler’s resemblance to an iconic fictional character.

“You look like Tarzan!” Jesse tells him, to which a flattered Tyler replies, “Appreciate that, man.”

“Tarzan” Tyler swings through the villa, impudently kissing multiple women during a steamy offside.

Jesse – who, even after pursuing Valerie, still has feelings for his original choice, Deb – out of fear that Tyler might steal one of his love interests.

Love Island USA cast
Some OG guys are afraid that Tyler would steal their girls.
Casey Durkin/Peacock

“We need to step up our game, man. You know, Tyler loves Deb and Val, so if I don’t make a decision here soon, he will definitely attack me,” he says in a confessional. “I don’t want him to choose me.”

But Jesse still seems to be top of mind for both Deb and Valerie. In a one-on-one chat, the ladies take a moment to break their apparent overlap with the handsome courier.

“You know what freaked me out a bit was that you said you and him have a strong bond. And he told me he and I do too and then Zeta told me he ranks me as his number 1,” Deb tells Valerie.

Mady and Valerie
Mady and Valerie seemed content with their couples – before Tyler infiltrated the villa.
Casey Durkin/Peacock

The stunning Costa Rican native then reveals that Jesse has followed her similar lines.

“He told me he ranked me as his number 1,” she says. “He told me, if there was a rematch, like, ‘Would you really pick me?’ And he said, ‘Yes, I would.’”

Valerie also tells Deb that Jesse told her he was “physically attracted to her” and could “learn so much” from her because she was “such a smart” person.

“That’s interesting because Zeta told me he literally said the same thing about me,” Deb replies.

Love Island Girls
Several female islanders take an interest in Tyler.
Casey Durkin/Peacock

A troubled Valerie then asks, “Okay, if he tells you the same thing he tells me, it’s like, ‘Okay, how do we know what’s true?'”

It doesn’t matter if they end up with Jesse or Tyler, the last guy seems out to grab someone’s wife.

“I am super ready to enter the villa. The biggest advantage I have is, I mean, look at me,” he boasted in an earlier sneak peek. “I look good, I smell good, I move differently and I go for the girl who has a boyfriend.”

Tyler on "Love Island USA"
Tyler has said that he likes girls who are in a relationship.
Love Island USA/YouTube

Tyler added, “Often the boyfriend is an ex-boyfriend by the end of the night.”

“Love Island USA” — hosted by Sarah Hyland — is available to stream on Peacock. New episodes air Tuesday through Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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