Lebron James’ Birth Chart Shows Why He’s One of NBA’s GOAT

When it comes to living legends in the NBA, there is one man who has reached the pinnacle of the game: Lebron James.

The superstar athlete, who has already had an extensive career and has risen past Karl Malone to number two on the NBA leaderboard, has many big goals and plans for his future. Now represented by Rich Paul, the sports agent currently dating Adele, James, 37, has further cemented himself as a pop culture icon, socialite, entrepreneur and entertainer.

With the revival of ‘Space Jam’ in the lead role, he has shown that he can hold his own in Hollywood. Now investing in a myriad of businesses, including culinary and entertainment, James is ready to further show the world how to create an empire.

So what made James the titan that he is – reaching the pinnacle of American sport and venturing into other industries as well? What else does his birth chart reveal about him? Join me as we dive into its stars because I’m a pop culture astrologer and I can see everything.

Lebron James Astrology
Lebron James is a Capricorn sun.
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Lebron James’ birth chart shows that he is a man of balance

Lebron James was born on December 30, 1984. This makes him an ambitious Capricorn sun with a passionate Aries moon and Gemini ascendant. If we look at his elemental energy, we can see that he is in fact extremely balanced between all these energies – which is extremely rare to find. This gives him an excellent synergy between all the elements, almost as if he can intrinsically work with all their energies whenever he wants.

When looking at his birth chart, wow! His Midheaven, or the point of greatest success in his career, has such a great focus that is emphasized by his stars. In fact, with so many planets interacting with his Midheaven, we know right away that he was destined for great things. What I love most, however, is that Mars, the planet of athletics and sports, is exactly united with its Midheaven – bringing him great success in these realms.

However, Venus, the planet of arts and entertainment, is also united with its Midheaven, but only slightly in its arena of television and media. This shows that he is loved by the world for both these contributions to society – sports and entertainment as well. His Moon, which rules his inner life, is in his sector of fans, followers, friends and communities, which also allows him to amass so much popularity. Simply put, he vibrates with his “people”, and they vibrate with him.

Lebron James
Lebron James has a fiery Aries moon.
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When it comes to physical strength and health, his sector of fitness, endurance and work ethic is full of planets. Not only do we know he’s in the game for the long haul, but he takes pride in his work and has a ‘get it done’ mentality the vast majority of the time. Work comes naturally to him; in fact, being stationary and not moving is something he struggles greatly with, but is desperately trying to learn in this life.

He is a busy, keep busy, always busy kind of guy. Also, with its planets so sweetly angled throughout its map, all matching in angles of harmony, it further reveals that James can easily flow through life, exert effort and pressure and see results quite quickly. His Mars dances with Pluto, bringing him enormous amounts of energy and ambition to reach higher as well.

Lebron James birth announcement
Lebron James has a Gemini Ascendant.
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The last thing to note is that his Ascendant, which rules his body and life force, is also significantly aspected by other planets. This reveals that by nature he is a very original and unique person who stands out from the crowd. Venus kisses his Ascendant, making him beautiful inside and out, and he also holds great potential for success in the arts, media, and entertainment.

Mars and Pluto boost his Ascendant, which guarantees him success in athletics, as well as innate confidence and strength that inspires others. Finally, Neptune, the planet of the imagination, also connects to his Ascendant, giving him an almost mystical quality that draws people to him in awe. No wonder he has built such a legacy – he, like his birth chart, is a masterpiece of cosmic opportunity.

Lebron James predictions
Lebron James is one of the greatest living legends in the sport.
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What are predictions for Lebron James?

Come on, what else lies ahead? Well, first of all, James has a chart that has lit his career and has it through 2022. This is a milestone year for him, but to be fair, his legacy will be more solidly solidified between 2023 and 2025 when Saturn enters this year’s arena. He’ll work harder — and maybe even consider retiring. Fortunately, as Jupiter, the planet of wonders, dances through his sector of aspirations, fans and followers, he will continue to interact graciously with his community and be seen as a leader.

All you need to see, though, is that in 2022 and 2023, he will experience powerful eclipses around physical and mental health – these could create shocking moments or crises that he faces. On the one hand, it could be as simple as adopting a better routine or diet or even deciding that he needs to change his medications, specialists or work-life balance. Fortunately, with his stars being such a favorite, he should get through most of this with ease. You heard it here first.

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