Chris Hemsworth’s Birth Chart: Hunk Uses Thor’s ‘Thunder’

When it comes to big celebrities that you can’t decide whether to laugh and hang out or just lust for, there’s the one and only Chris Hemsworth.

Adored worldwide for his portrayal of the God of Thunder, Thor, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hemsworth, 38, has shown that he brings talent, wit, sex appeal and an insanely chiseled body to the camera time and time again.

Hemsworth, previously named the sexiest man in the world, also has a heart of gold as he has repeatedly drawn attention to things he believes in, especially in his home country of Australia. While blockbusters and fitness would seemingly fill any major celebrity’s calendar, he also manages to be a family man, married to his wife Elsa Pataky and the father of their children.

Is there anything this guy can’t do?! So what makes Hemsworth such a powerhouse? Was he always meant to rise in glory or did he just really, really, inherit For real good genes? What do the stars say for his future career? Join me as we dive into his stars because I’m a pop culture astrologer and I can see everything.

Chris Hemsworth Astrology
Chris Hemsworth is a fiery Leo Sun.

Chris Hemsworth’s birth chart shows he’s a brute force man

Chris Hemsworth was born on August 11, 1983. This makes him an expressive Leo Sun with a quirky Virgo Moon. His birth time is neither listed online nor confirmed directly by me (contact me!), so we’ll focus instead on the key factors that we know are facts. When it comes to elemental energy, Hemsworth is strongly composed of fire and earth. This brings him tremendous levels of passion, energy and strength. In a way, he has the concentration, attention to detail and perfectionism that can then be fueled by the great fire in heart, mind, body and soul.

When it comes to the main themes that crop up in his birth chart, I’ll be honest. Hemsworth is a mad titan. Damn, he was built to dominate and command. He has an extremely aggressive and powerful personality, but this energy actually flows through him on every level. I’ve never seen a birth chart like this, mostly because it’s almost like it was born to embody the warrior archetype. And if I’m honest, I would never want to make this man mad at me. Let’s break down why.

Chris Hemsworth birth announcement
Chris Hemsworth has a quirky Virgo Moon.
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First, its Mars, the planet of drive and strength, is at war with both Saturn, the planet of ambition, and Pluto, the planet of domination. This gives him the tremendous ability to concentrate and focus, but also leads him to dramatically overcompensate in an attempt to assert himself. This often reveals someone who has exaggerated masculinity, let’s face it, also gives him hella big dick energy.

He has tremendous perseverance and stamina, both physically and mentally, which shows that when he dedicates himself to a goal, he is unyielding. In fact, its Mars makes the most alignments than any other planet in its map. His Saturn is united with Pluto, which is an extremely rare alignment, leading to his having an innate personal magnetism and charisma and making him a great leader – he was literally born to act as an authority. His Mars also connects with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and happiness, showing that he also has a deeply optimistic nature and craves freedom, athleticism and adventure – and this also bolsters his internal levels of physical strength and stamina.

Luck smiles upon him when he seizes the day, and Hemsworth is clearly seizing the day. When it comes to his charm and creative abilities, the way his card reveals them is actually quite unique. In fact, his particular talents are not so much about being brilliantly artistic and expressive, but more about being completely original and eccentric, which is what gives him his wit and appeal. His Mars connects with Uranus, the planet of genius, making him restless and always ready for spontaneity and action.

Astrology of Chris Hemsworth Thor
Chris Hemsworth’s birth chart reveals why he was born to play Thor.
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He’s also a free spirit by nature, built with real courage underneath. Finally, Mercury, the planet of mind, Venus, the planet of attraction, further imparts to him an eternally youthful and cheerful demeanor, allowing him to be successful in art, as well as presenting himself as regal and refined.

Not to be weird, but literally Hemsworth was born to play characters like Thor. So wild.

What are predictions for Chris Hemsworth?

So what’s in store for the megastar now? Well, let’s get a little technical. Due to his unique map, some particularly interesting transformations are taking place with him. First, Pluto, the planet of rebirth but also of death, collides with his birth Pluto in his chart.

He is experiencing a great point in self-renewal and self-regeneration, which has been going on for a number of years, but is actually getting stronger. Some changes will be a little hard for him to bear, especially internally, but he will come out stronger and better in the end.

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Much of his unconscious is exposed, as well as karmic energy and debts from this life and the past. I really feel he’s going to feel this sense of “letting go”, and the more he surrenders to it and moves fluidly with the universe, he will actually become more enlightened and happier from the experiences.

Transiting Pluto also collides with its birth Mars, which also spawns important life lessons around control and trust. He is going through a transformation on such a deep level, but to be honest none of this will ever come out in the public eye, as he mainly experiences this on a soul consciousness. By digging up the dirt and facing the shadows, he improves his personal and professional life for the rest of his life going forward. You heard it here first.

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