KiKi Layne Claims Her ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Scenes Have Been Cut

KiKi Layne claims that “most” of her scenes in “Don’t Worry Darling” ended up on the cutting floor.

While celebrating the release of the Olivia Wilde-directed film on September 23, Layne, who plays Margaret, poked fun at her seemingly unexpected absence.

“The best thing about #DontWorryDarling is that I was lucky enough to meet @arielstachel,” the 30-year-old actress wrote via Instagram on Sunday of her co-star Ari’el Stachel, who plays Ted.

“They took us out of most of the movie, but we thrive in real life,” she claimed, adding the hashtags “#GotMyCheck #GotMyMan #EverythingHappensForAReason.”

Stachel, 31, responded to the upload on social media to express his “love” for Layne.

“You are a queen and your talent shines so brightly,” wrote the Tony winner.

Stachel similarly shared photos with his co-star in an Instagram slideshow, writing, “My favorite part of my experience in Don’t Worry Darling. This woman did a phenomenal job and I was thirsty when I met her.”


The actress wrote that the same thing happened to co-star Ari’el Stacher.



The actress wrote that the same thing happened to co-star Ari’el Stacher.


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The “House of Cards” alum cited “irreconcilable differences” as the…

Layne replied, “I love you. Grateful that God has brought us here together.”

Stachel also made a TikTok video highlighting tweets that Wilde, 38, exclaimed for using him only as a “glorified perk.”

One Twitter user wrote: “The man has a Tony! Give him more than two lines Olivia Wilde!”

Another added: “I have some thoughts on Don’t Worry Darling, but the main thing is that Ari’el Stachel isn’t in it enough!”

The actor danced to the supportive tweets, writing, “If you end up on the cutting floor. Go to Don’t Worry Darling.”

The psychological thriller marks Wilde’s second directorial role and the film has been at the center of the real drama for months.

From rumors of a “screaming match” between Wilde and lead actress Florence Pugh – disputed by crew members – to speculation that Harry Styles spat on his co-star Chris Pine’s lap during the Venice Film Festival screening – also denied – don’t worry Darling” has been a gossip magnet.

Nick Kroll, Florence Pugh, Chris Pine, Olivia Wilde, Sydney Chandler, Harry Styles and Gemma Chan
Olivia Wilde directed the film, sparking rumors of drama on and off the set.
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“I don’t feel like my male directing colleagues are answering questions about their cast,” Wilde told Stephen Colbert on Sept. 22 about the constant headlines surrounding the project.

“There are just very different standards created for women and men,” added the filmmaker, who is currently dating Styles, 28.

Wilde also hit back at Shia LaBeouf’s claims that he left the film after being cast as the lead, rather than being fired as she previously claimed.

“When he gave me the ultimatum of, you know, him or Florence, I chose Florence,” the “OC” alum explained during the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” performance. “We had to replace Shia.”

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