Joey King Says ‘Every Woman’ Should Shave Her Head ‘At Least Once’

No hair, doesn’t matter.

Joey King has shaved her head not once, not twice, but three different times for previous roles — and she told Allure she “would absolutely do it again.”

“I think every woman should” [shave their head] at least once in their lives,” the “Kissing Booth” star said.

“I have never felt so free or more in tune with my beauty. I couldn’t hide behind my hair.”

The 22-year-old ‘Bullet Train’ actor did become the target of trolls when she dropped her long locks for work.

“A lot of people laughed at me when I shaved my head. A lot of people said really mean things. But when I had short hair, I actually felt more confident; I felt very powerful. [Their words] slipped off my back,” King said.

Joey King with a shaved head
Despite facing a cyberbullying attack, the “Kissing Booth” actress felt “powerful” with her shaved head.
Getty Images for Hulu

“People like to meddle in other people’s affairs when it doesn’t really matter. Does having my head shaved for a project really bother you that much? I’m fine.”

King’s feelings mirror those she shared exclusively with Vidak For Congress at the 2019 premiere of Hulu’s “The Act,” for which she shaved her head to play Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

joey king on the cover of allure
The “Act” actress opened up to Allure about her beauty routine.
Jens Ingvarsson

“I think it really made me a stronger woman,” she told us about her on-screen buzzcut. “I think every girl should shave her head if they get the chance. It really gives you power. It may not be a popular opinion, but I feel like it made me embrace being a woman a lot more.”

King also cut her hair for 2012’s “The Dark Knight Rises” and 2014’s “Wish I Was Here.”

Joey King in an all black outfit
The former child actress has worked with the same makeup artist for over ten years and now he will do her wedding makeup.
Jens Ingvarsson

But with an upcoming wedding to producer and director Steven Piet, King probably won’t opt ​​for a major hair makeover before the big day. She keeps it classic, with the help of makeup artist Allan Avendaño – her glam guru since her “Ramona and Beezus” press tour in 2010.

Joey King in a blue outfit with long hair
King is preparing to marry producer Steven Piet after breaking up with her ‘Kissing Booth’ co-star Jacob Elordi.
Jens Ingvarsson

An actress who clearly disagrees that every woman needs a buzz? Demi Moore, who recently said she will never cut her hair for a part again after doing so for “GI Jane”.

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