Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter Maddie attends homecoming dance

Jamie Lynn Spears helped her daughter Maddie prepare for her first homecoming dance.

The 31-year-old “Zoey 101” posed for sweet photos with the 14-year-old, who attended the high school event in a shimmering purple dress and white heels.

“If you find out you have an extra day off, so you load up the toddler, drive for 7 hours and surprise your oldest for the Homecoming weekend,” Spears wrote on an Instagram slideshow Sunday.

“Nothing else would I rather do & Nowhere else would I rather be.”

The actress’ mother, Lynne Spears, gushed about her granddaughter in the comments section.

Jamie Lynn Spears' daughters Maddie and Ivey
Spears and her daughter Ivey (4) drove for seven hours to help Maddie get ready.

“Where has the time gone? ️😢,” Lynne, 67, wrote. “one minute little girl, then my stunningly beautiful young lady!”

Jamie Lynn posted more photos via Instagram Stories, from Maddie laughing with her fellow first-time softball players to making silly faces next to her date.

The “Sweet Magnolias” star, who is also the mother of 4-year-old daughter Ivey, wanted her oldest child to wear fluffy white sandals while dancing.

“She didn’t like it, and then I decided to embarrass her a bit and wear them while we took their pictures [because] I’m petty,” Jamie Lynn told her followers.

“Of course she looked beautiful in the shoes she chose,” the former Nickelodeon star continued. “The most important thing was that she felt good, and that’s ALL that really matters, and I’ve put my normal shoes back on for the group photos, but I’ll be wearing my nice new shoes in the future.”

Maddie started high school in August, three months after Jamie Lynn captured her high school graduation.

“Time literally flies by…..don’t take it for granted,” the country singer wrote via Instagram last month.

Jamie Lynn Spears, Jamie Watson, daughter Maddie and Ivey
Maddie graduated from high school in May and started high school in August.

Jamie welcomed her daughter in 2018 with her then-fiance Casey Aldridge.

The author of ‘Things I Should Have Said’ married Jamie Watson in 2014 and gave birth to Ivey four years later.

“I was an 18-year-old single mom, when this man came into my life, he made me laugh more than ever before, and his never-changing consistency gave me stability for the first time in my life,” she wrote via Instagram. March.

“Maybe it was just because he was 10 years older and had already built a successful life for himself, both personally and professionally, but still I felt a sense of peace with him. I think that’s how falling in love is supposed to feel, just feeling at peace .”

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