Hunter Schafer denies she hates ‘non-binary people’

Hunter Schafer stopped speculation that she doesn’t support non-binary people after coming under fire for “liking” a critical Instagram post.

“I have absolutely no hatred towards non-binary people,” the transgender “Euphoria” star wrote in the comment section of her photo dump on Tuesday.

Schafer, 23, explained that she simply endorsed an activist’s post and meant no harm.

“I agreed with another t-girl’s post pointing out an imbalance in visibility and space occupied between non-binary people and binary trans women (particularly those of color and/or those that have led to sex work) as a means of survival) that I think deserves attention/re-evaluation (as far as resources and platforms go) within the LGBTQ+ community,” she clarified.

The actress then doubled down, assuring fans that she is “not a trans medic,” meaning she disagrees with the idea that “being transgender or transsexual is dependent on experiencing gender dysphoria or needing medical treatment to transition.” ,” according to Wikipedia.

A screenshot of Hunter Schafer's Instagram comment.
She took to Instagram to defend herself against the backlash.

“My ideology around transness is not consistent with transmedicalism, nor is a disregard for identifying people. ❣️,” she concluded her comment.

In August, Schafer got a reaction after she “liked” a netizen’s post who blamed the non-binary community for conservative legislation deeming hormone replacement therapy and gender-confirming surgery medically unnecessary in Florida.

Hunter Schafer on a red carpet.
The star “Euphoria” is transgender.

“For the last time, I beg non-binary people to take a seat and let transgender binaries and more specifically black trans women be the voices of the community because they are the ones at risk,” the controversial message read.

Several critics accused Schafer of white privilege after seeing her “!!!!!” in the mail.

Dominic Fike and Hunter Schafer on a red carpet.
She is dating her co-star Dominic Fike.
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“hunter schafer who hates non-binary ppl was not on my bingo card but is SO rich white woman of hers but also rooted in the idea that non-binary people are just ‘trans-lite’ and therefore deserve less affirmative care and that’s a very harmful mentality that we have to take out <3”, one person tweeted at the same time.

“A white woman is first and foremost a white woman. jager schafer, regardless of whether she is trans, has chosen to align herself with white and/or cis people and put the blame on non-binary people. it’s very easy to pick a scapegoat instead of challenging your own internalized transphobia,” added another.

Schafer is currently dating Dominic Fike, co-star Euphoria.

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