Hunter Biden’s Marriage To Melissa Cohen Is On The Cliffs

Hunter Biden’s marriage to filmmaker Melissa Cohen is on the rocks under the pressure of the federal investigation into him, insiders say.

Sources close to the president’s wayward son say both Hunter and his South African wife are “frustrated at being locked up”, while she has confided to friends that life with Hunter is “hard”.

A source close to the couple said: “They never go anywhere because they have been instructed to stay out of sight and away from the cameras while the Hunter investigation continues.

In addition, the Secret Service lives in a much larger mansion next door and watches over Hunter like hawks. It’s very frustrating for both of them.”

Hunter, 52, Melissa, 35, and their baby Beau are usually locked in their $20,000-a-month three-bedroom rental home in Little Rock, Malibu, which also houses his art studio.

An aerial view of Hunter Biden's Malibu home.
Not a bad place to be “caught” – Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen’s rental house in Malibu.

They only ventured out to the White House for family events like the July 4th fireworks, while Melissa took the occasional outing but was always surrounded by Secret Service agents.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service has spent $30,000 a month in taxpayer money to rent a much larger luxury mansion in Malibu that overlooks their home so they can watch Hunter around the clock.

The agents are neatly hiding in the adjacent six-bedroom luxury Spanish-style sea-view villa with a swimming pool, tasting room, gym, spa and even a tower.

The couple married in a surprise ceremony in 2019, just days after meeting, and welcomed their son Beau in March 2020.

Melissa Biden with Hunter Biden, holding their son Beau on his shoulders.
Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen focus on their son Beau, while things remain tense at home, a source says.
AFP via Getty Images

But the reality of marriage to Hunter is very different from what Melissa had envisioned, the source explains: “He took her off her feet. She thought she would marry a prince from a large American family and that she was a charming would live with him.

“But the reality is that he is a train wreck and life with him behind closed doors is very hard. She had no idea what she was getting into.”

The source added: “But there is still love, and she loves her son. She’s concentrating on him, that’s all she can do for now.”

It was reported this week that officials are considering possible charges against Hunter Biden as the federal investigation has reached a “critical phase,” sources said.

Hunter, 52, could be charged with possible tax or foreign lobbying violations, Fox News and CNN reported.

President Joe Biden holds grandson Beau Biden next to son Hunter Biden on a White House balcony to watch fireworks in Washington, DC, on July 4.
President Joe Biden holds grandson Beau Biden next to son Hunter Biden on a White House balcony to watch fireworks on July 4.
AFP via Getty Images

The possible charges stem from an investigation into Hunter’s finances and foreign business deals conducted by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, a prosecutor appointed by former President Donald Trump.

A representative for Hunter Biden did not respond to our request for comment.

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