How to shop af94, Halsey’s new makeup line

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Halsey’s new beauty line is “So Good.”

On Monday, the indie pop star, who uses she/she pronouns, launched af94 with 12 festival-ready makeup must-haves under $10.

An amalgamation of their initials (AF, for Ashley Frangipane) and year of birth (1994), the brand “was built with the ethos of formulating accessible makeup for all without compromising quality, color or efficacy,” according to the statement. press release.

Fans of About-Face, Halsey’s first beauty line that launched in January at a slightly higher price, will be familiar with the brand’s first ‘made-to-play’ products.

Highlights include the Shadowboxer Eyeshadow Crayon ($8), Scribble Stick Lip Crayon ($8), Majorly Matte Matte Liquid Lipstick ($7), Playdate Multi-Use Cheek + Lip Color ($9), Give ‘Em Lip High -Shine Lip Gloss ($8), *69 Gel Eyeliner ($8) and Backline Liquid Eyeliner ($8), each of which comes in a variety of bold, eye-catching shades.

Halsey walking in new york city
The creator of “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power” is known for their bright and bold beauty looks.
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Faux lashes ($5) and face and body stickers ($10) are also up for grabs, as are a number of different bundles.

Af94 is vegan, cruelty-free, cleanly formulated and formulated to complement all skin tones, according to the brand.

“I will always remember when I was 15 years old and I was saving up to buy my first eyeliner. It was electric blue and a big purchase for me at the time, but the thrill of wearing such a bold color was worth every penny,” Halsey wrote in a press release.

“I created af94 so anyone can chase that rush of standing out with bold makeup, but at an affordable price.”

Af94 is available exclusively at Walmart and will be sold in approximately 2,900 stores nationwide, as well as online.

Shop some of the first products from af94 below.

Halsey makeup

halsey face mist 5 in one product

halsey shadowboxer eye chalk at ulta

Halsey face and body stickers

halsey new walmart makeup collection af94

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