Halsey takes to the desert in floral bikinis

The desert has never been hotter.

Halsey looked “So Good” in a series of new Instagram photos posted Thursday of their “lightning fast post-tour re-charge,” a pose on the sand in a brightly colored floral bikini.

The 27-year-old singer, who uses she/she pronouns, wore Asta Resort’s “Solana” top ($57) and “Marta” string pants ($57) in a colorful hibiscus print, along with a matching headscarf ($32) .

While Halsey’s exact bikini top is currently sold out, fans can get a similar effect with the “Marta” style ($57).

The star posted two photos in the adorable ‘kini’ on their Instagram story, including a close-up of their ‘baby’ tattoo peeking out above the bottom.

The About-Face founder enjoyed a “lightning fast post-tour reload” after finishing the Love & Power tour.

That wasn’t Halsey’s only bikini moment in the post; she also snapped a mirror selfie at the or next matching moment, the beauty guru snapped a mirror selfie in Solkissed’s “Jennifer” top ($75) and “Ibiza” bottom ($71), both in an equally daring” Rosa de Lima” print.

halsey bikini
The “Stay With Me” singer picked up not one, but two fabulous floral bikinis on a recent visit to the desert.

The ‘Bad at Love’ hitmaker’s desert photo dump also featured snaps of an aubergine dish, a skincare selfie and a mirror shot in a simple white dress.

“Thanks for blessing our MILFSEY,” commented one fan.

Halsey baby tattoo
Halsey paid tribute to son Ender with a ‘baby’ tattoo below her belly button.

Halsey and partner Alev Aydin welcomed their first child, Ender Riley, in July 2021. Earlier this month, the singer celebrated their son’s first birthday on Instagram with a sweet post, including a throwback photo of the toddler rocking a mini chanterelle.

Halsey in a white dress
Halsey finished the photos in a white dress as fans thanked her for “blessing us.”

It seems that Ender is already following in his mother’s footsteps when it comes to hair experimentation; that same week, the “Stay With Me” collaborator showed off their new shaggy, bleached-blonde mullet with the appropriate caption, “90s vibes only.”

Halsey in a Butterfly Dress
The former Tumblr icon loves a bold print moment, be it butterflies or flowers.
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