Heather Gay Is Excited About ‘Hot Tub’ Sex On ‘Below Deck Adventure’

“Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” star Heather Gay gets nautical on Bravo’s new series “Below Deck Adventure.”

In a preview of the latest iteration of the Emmy-nominated franchise, Gay, 40, speaks excitedly about the prospect of getting busy aboard the motor yacht Mercury.

“Oh my god,” says the author of “Bad Mormon” as she sips champagne and observes her luxurious digs. “This is where we [get in the] bubble bath and have sex!”

Gay isn’t the only one to have some steamy things to say on the Norway-based reality show.

A charter guest hops up and down as her friends sing, “Trio! Three!”

Meanwhile, stew Kasie Faddah touts the benefits of physical flexibility in the small confines of the crew quarters.

Heather Gay
Heather Gay appears in Bravo’s new series “Below Deck Adventure”.

“I must say that if you’re more flexible, it’s much easier to have sex in bunk beds,” she says, adding a confession: “Every chance I can get, I want to have my legs in the air.” .”

Elsewhere, bosun Lewis Lupton teases a romance with pot roast Oriana Schenps.

Heather Gay
The “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” seem excited about potentially getting crowded aboard the Mercury.
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“I’m not going to kiss and talk about Oriana,” he says in a clip where he hugs the brunette beauty in a bubble bath. “But let’s just say there are things happening under the bubbles that people can’t see.”

Sexiness aside, “Below Deck Adventure” — also featuring Captain Kerry Titheradge, Chef Jess Condy, Chef Stew Faye Clarke, and sailors Kyle Dickard, Michael Gilman, and Nathan Morely — gives viewers an exciting look at life on the scenic Norwegian fjords.

Kasie Fadda
Stew Kasie Faddah is one of the cast of the reality show.

Thrill-seeking passengers can paraglide, explore caves and take extreme helicopter rides, all while soaking up the rich Viking history.

However, the fun is sometimes interrupted by technical accidents and heated confrontations between the sailors.


Captain Kerry Titheradge is in command of the yacht.


Captain Kerry Titheradge is in command of the yacht.

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Towards the end of the sneak peek, Condy and Clarke go out and tell each other to get their “st together”.

Titheradge then tells Dickard that his job is on the line. “I’ve had a complaint about some of your behavior,” the captain tells the handsome sailor. “It’s unacceptable.”

Lewis Lupton and Oriana Schneps kiss "Below Deck Adventure"
Bosun Lewis Lupton teases a yachtie romance with stew Oriana Schenps.

Check out more of the drama in the supertease above.

“Below Deck Adventure” premieres Tuesday, November 1 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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