‘Below Deck’ star Rhylee Gerber removes breast implants

Rhylee Gerber has had a breast explant.

Documenting her journey with implant removal, the 37-year-old ‘Below Deck’ star explained to fans that one of them ruptured and started leaking toxins.

“I’m so ready to start feeling 100 percent. I don’t even know what 100 percent feels like anymore,” she said on her Instagram Story on Monday after the procedure.

The former reality star shared clips of her “amazing” consultation with Dr. David Rankin, to which she stated, “I’m having these guys removed.”

Gerber continued to update her followers, telling fans on the morning of surgery, “I’m tired of the inflammation. I’m tired of the random, sharp pains…and I’m tired of feeling bloated for no reason. ”

She continued: “We remove breasts and add them at the same time.”

Rhylee Gerber
Rhylee Gerber revealed that her implants were removed after one ruptured.

Gerber said she was only allowed to take one breast implant home as a souvenir because “the other one was completely torn inside.”

“But here it is, folks,” she said. “One of my left side…this other implant just completely ruptured and leaked into my right breast capsule, which is probably why I felt a lot of nausea.”

rhylee gerber
The ‘Below Deck’ star kept fans informed throughout the process.

The Bravolebrity explained it “leaked arsenic and other poisonous toxins in” [her] body” and may have been torn last year.

“Scar tissue left and right helped keep the toxins from spreading too quickly, potentially saving my body from further damage,” she said.

Rhylee Gerber
Gerber first appeared on the reality show in Season 6.
NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

While Gerber was happy to be free of the nasty toxins, she revealed that the recovery process was difficult and that she experienced “a lot of swelling, bloating, and back pain,” along with “constipation from anesthesia and nerve blockers.”

She added: “So glad the ruptured silicone implant is out. I had no idea it was ruptured but realize that’s probably why I’m all… [sharp] pains.”

The Alaska native joined the cast of the Bravo show as a sailor during Season 6 and returned briefly in Season 7.

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