Hailey Bieber’s ‘brownie glazed lips’ sparks backlash

Hailey Bieber's 'brownie glazed lips' sparks backlash 1

This is a dessert that people don’t enjoy.

Hailey Bieber is no stranger to causing a stir on social media with her beauty tutorials; fans went crazy for her “glazed donut” nails this summer, and her signature skincare trend of the same name even inspired the launch of her own line, Rhode.

But Bieber’s “brownie glazed lips” have people talking for all the wrong reasons.

In September, Justin Bieber’s wife shared her latest makeup look on TikTok with the caption “ready for all the fall stuff, including brownie glazed lips” — and now a number of commentators are calling her out for cultural appropriation.

Bieber created her lip look with a brown liner and clear shimmer — and while she didn’t claim to have invented the effect, she also didn’t mention that women of color have been rocking the same look for decades.

One commenter wrote, “90s LATINA LIPS love that you get inspiration from it,” as another wrote, “So basically the exact same color combination our tias used .”

“My mom and all the latinas ate this look in the early 2000s,” added a third.

In a clip that has racked up 2.4 million views to date, TikToker Benulus said she constantly gets negative comments about her own glossy brown lip look before targeting Bieber.

“You’re on my lips every time I post. But if a white woman does it, it becomes a trend,” she said.

“Yeah, I’m so flattered that Hailey Bieber is always inspired by my community, by the POC community, but it just annoys me that because she’s done it now, it’s going to be so trendy.”

In another upload, TikTok user ZZHilton said, “It doesn’t go the right way if you try to pass a brown lip liner as your own idea and call it a ‘brownie’ lip liner when it’s obviously made by women. color, considering how long women of color had to fight for brands to stop naming dark shades after food.”

And Iris Beilin sarcastically wrote her TikTok: “Wow!!! I’ve never seen anything like it!!! 🫥🫥🫥 #brownieglazedlips”

“This is innovative,” she broke out, refusing to name Bieber while still making her feelings about the “trend” completely clear.

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