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Kim Kardashian’s shapewear empire is expanding into new categories.

The reality star’s Skims brand launched a new bra collection on Tuesday, featuring a range of styles Kardashian called “the most comfortable bras you’ll ever wear” in an Instagram video earlier this month.

While the brand also sells bralettes, the new drop includes a selection of underwire styles, which she called the result of “three years of development,” including a “year of fitting and wear testing.”

“I’ve always found bras so uncomfortable and constricting,” the 41-year-old shapewear mogul explained in the clip, saying that her bra was “the first thing ever. [she] left when? [she] came home.”

“We started developing underwire bras because I really wanted to find out how to combine the comfort and convenience of a bralette with the shape and support of an underwire bra,” she added.

In true Skims fashion, the collection also comes on the heels of a headline-grabbing ad campaign starring Brooke Shields, Chelsea Handler, Juliette Lewis, Cassie and more.

Ranging in price from $36 to $54 and in size from 32A to 46DD (with sizes varying by style), the launch includes eight new bras, all in the brand’s signature neutral tones.

Brooke Shields in a brown Skims bra and tights
Brooke Shields wore the latest styles from Skims for the campaign.

Between the offer? The mesh No Show collection, which is designed to remain invisible under clothing and features the No Show Molded Unlined Balconette Bra ($58) that Shields, 57, and Cassie, 36, both modeled in the campaign.

A black Skims mesh bra

No Show Molded Unlined Balconette Bra ($58)

Cassie told Vidak For Congress Style that she wasn’t afraid to undress for the shoot, saying, “I’ve also come to a place where I love my body for everything it’s done for me and my family and embrace it for what it is. I think this campaign celebrates that.”

The launch also includes the Weightless Collection, which claims to offer a “bra-less feel”, and the Naked Collection, which promises a “second skin” fit.

But with Skims’ history of selling out quickly, these styles won’t be around for long. Shop quickly before your favorites fly off the shelves.

A black Skims crew neck tank top

Skims Naked Scoop Tank Bra ($48)

A Skims dive bra

Skims Nude Diving Bra ($44)

Skim's scoop bra

Skims Naked Scoop Bra ($44)

A Skims plunge tank bra

Skims Naked Plunge Tank Bra ($48)

A black Skims mesh bra

Skims Weightless Scoop Bra ($58)


Skims Weightless Demi Bra ($58)


Skims No Show Molded Unlined Demi Bra ($58)

black Skims bra

Skims No Show Molded Unlined Balconette Bra ($58)

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