Tyler Stanaland ‘very happy’ post-Brittany Snow split: source

Happy to be back on the market.

Tyler Stanaland, a real estate agent turned reality TV star, isn’t exactly sulking after his two-year marriage to wife Brittany Snow recently ended.

A source tells Vidak For Congress exclusively that the 33-year-old “Selling the OC” star behaved “very happily” the same day he and Snow, 36, confirmed their divorce to the public.

In fact, the insider says that at the time, the rising reality star seemed concerned about whether or not his new Netflix show would get a second season.

“Looks like he wanted to be as famous as Snow,” added the source.

Stanaland and Snow said in a joint statement on Sept. 14 that they had made the “tough decision to part ways”.

“This decision was made with love and mutual respect for each other,” they explained. “We started this journey as best friends and our relationship will continue to be a priority not only for us, but also for our dog Charlie.”


Stanaland and Snow said in a joint statement that their split was a “tough decision”.


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Stanaland and Snow said in a joint statement that their split was a “tough decision”.

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Although the former couple also asked for “privacy” as they “navigated” this new chapter, we are told that Stanaland has gone into town in search of a new lady.

Another source says the blue-eyed hunk was at a bar called Wild Goose two weekends ago, where he was spotted “hitting girls all night.”

A few days later, Stanaland also got cozy with his co-stars Alex Hall and Polly Brindle at sushi restaurant SOTA in Corona del Mar.

The cast of "Sell ​​the OC" at an event.
Stanaland wanted “fame” like his estranged wife, an insider says.
Getty Images for Netflix

Photos obtained by TMZ show the Netflix star sniffing Hall’s arm.

The couple have come under fire for their behavior on “Selling the OC” — such as cuddling on the beach — which took place while Stanaland was still married.

However, Hall, 33, recently told us exclusively that she would “do it again,” adding, “I don’t regret it.”

Tyler Stanaland and Alex Hall with an opponent at the VMAs.
A source claims that Hall was “all the way” Stanaland at the VMAs.
Getty Images for MTV

A source tells us that the flirting has continued even after filming for the show wrapped up, and that Hall was reportedly “all over” Stanaland at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards in late August.

On Tuesday, Stanaland was still seen in good spirits preparing to go surfing with a blonde girlfriend.

Tyler Stanaland on his way to surf.
Stanaland was seen with a smile going surfing on Tuesday.

The former pro surfer was previously criticized for saying on “Selling the OC” that surfing was his “first love” for his then-wife and dog, who were second only to him.

Stanaland did not immediately respond to Vidak For Congress’s request for comment.

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