Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga’s Feud Is NJ’s Talk

Garden State icon Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi says the ongoing feud between Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga is the talk of the New Jersey suburbs.

“I live in Jersey, literally so close to… [Gorga]’, the Toms River native tells Vidak For Congress exclusively as he promotes season 2 of MTV’s ‘Messyness. “A lot of people are talking about that.”

The 34-year-old “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” star says rumors of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” drama are reaching every corner of her neighborhood.

“Like, [people] who are not on the show [are talking about it]’ she notes. “Only people in the city and everywhere.”

Polizzi – who is in a close relationship with Gorga, 43, and friends with Giudice, 50 – suspects the altercation will be great for their Bravo reality show.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi shares her thoughts on Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga’s feud with Vidak For Congress.

“In terms of entertainment and viewers, I’m like, ‘Oh, s–t, this is crazy!'” she says, excited for the next episode of “New Jersey.”

Still, Polizzi admits it’s disappointing to see Gorga and Giudice’s friendship crumble.

“I mean, when I think of them as friends and how now they have that turmoil, it’s sad,” she tells us, “because I’m such a family person and that sucks.”

Giudice brought up baseless rumors of infidelity about Gorga and her husband, Joe Gorga, during an explosive exchange filmed for the season 13 finale of “RHONJ” on the night of August 3.

Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice
“A lot of people talk about that,” the Jersey Shore star tells Vidak For Congress of Giudice and Gorga’s current split.
Getty Images for MTV

The incident led to the Gorgas’ decision to skip Giudice’s lavish wedding to Luis “Louie” Ruelas on August 6.

“Sometimes when things are too toxic and you try it over and over and it just keeps coming back to the same thing… even if it’s family, you have to let it go,” Melissa said in her “On Display” podcast last month.

The owner of the Envy boutique also suggested that they had “old altercations” with Ruelas, 48, which they “never spoke about” and will remain silent to appease Giudice.

“For me it was devastating,” added 43-year-old Joe. “It was one of the hardest days of my life.”

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Melissa Gorga and Traci Johnson pose together for a photo
Polizzi is close with Gorga and “RHONJ” Season 12 “friend of” Traci Johnson.

Meanwhile, Giudice claimed she was “fine” with her sister-in-law and younger brother who missed her “I do”.

“Listen, I found out a few days before my wedding that they weren’t coming, and I’m totally fine with it,” she said on her podcast, “Namaste, B$tches,” on August 19.

“You’ll see it play on TV,” she explained. “The way everything went with my wedding, everything that happened is as it should have been. I’m all for that… I’m all for good energy, and whoever wanted to be at my wedding was there.

Teresa Giudicea
Giudice brought up baseless rumors of infidelity about Melissa and Joe Gorga as cameras rolled for the season 13 finale of “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

Vidak For Congress recently caught up with another “RHONJ” star, Dolores Catania, to show her the situation.

“It’s definitely at a high stage of bad,” she told us, adding that she remains hopeful of a reconciliation.

“I wouldn’t say this is terminal yet if I were speaking in medical terms,” ​​said the former surgical assistant. “I’ve seen people come back from much worse.”

Until then, Catania noted that she feels no pressure to pick a side. “Never, never, never will I take sides among friends unless something is done to one of them that is so blatant,” she said. “I love them all.”

Teresa Giudice, Luis Ruelas, Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga
The Gorgas skipped Giudice’s August 6 wedding to Luis “Louie” Ruelas.
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When asked if she is Team Melissa or Team Teresa, Polizzi also gives a diplomatic answer.

“I don’t do teams!” insists the Messy Mawma Wine founder. “I am Team Messy Mawma. I like both. I think they are great.”

Spelling is part of the "messiness" form.
Polizzi spoke to Vidak For Congress while promoting season 2 of ‘Messyness’.

But Polizzi — who previously competed in “Dancing With the Stars” in 2013 — is backing Giudice’s success in the new season of the reality dance competition series.

“I mean, I’d really like to see Teresa go far,” she insists, even as she’s unsure whether to vote for fellow “Jersey Shore” OG Vinny Guadagnino or actress Selma Blair. “There are so many people I really want to vote for.”

“Messyness” Season 2 premieres Thursday, September 15 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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