Tarek El Moussa stopped arguing during the flight, says Heather Rae Young

Heather Rae Young says her “heroic” husband, Tarek El Moussa, stopped an altercation on a plane during their “travel day from hell.”

“My husband did something very heroic when a man went crazy on our flight and verbally assaulted and physically stepped in the faces of flight attendants and pilots,” the newly pregnant 34-year-old “Selling Sunset” star wrote to her followers late Monday. a series of unfortunate Instagram stories.

“My husband was a hero today,” Young said in the selfie-esque video, which made El Moussa — who was lying in bed next to her in a dark hotel room — shyly saying, “Oh my gosh! Oh my god.”

Young promised she would flesh out the enticing story at a later date because she was “too tired” after the couple’s “long day.” They experienced a nine-hour delay, three port changes and an eventual cancellation – all of which materialized by the brokers documented through their respective Instagram accounts.

Selfie of Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young sitting at an airport gate
Young said El Moussa stopped a man who was “going crazy” and disrespecting the crew.

Young and El Moussa, 40, began their “Armageddon journey” at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York, early Monday with a two-hour queue at security, followed by a two-hour delay once they boarded their plane. sat .

El Moussa said they were on their way to Los Angeles International Airport in California, noting that there were “no other flights”.

“And I have to film in the morning,” the “Flip or Flop” star added.

Selfie of Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young in an airplane
The plane fight was just part of the couple’s “travel day from hell.”

Shortly after, the couple was forced to “get off” because it was not “functioning” correctly, so they parked themselves at an “Asian fusion restaurant” in the airport.

“OK, so we’ve been unlucky,” Young explained, though both she and the HGTV star agreed their situation was better than staying on a plane whose engine “had problems.”

“We don’t know when we’re leaving,” the Netflix star added. “I’m starving. I’m pregnant. I need my food!”

Selfie of Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young waiting at the baggage claim
They experienced a nine-hour delay, three gate changes and an eventual cancellation.

Three hours later, the two were “still waiting” – until their gate changed a third time.

“It’s chaos here,” El Moussa said in a video showing him, Young and a large group of people through the noisy terminal. “Alarms are going off. There was a fistfight.”

The next slide showed the couple slumped in chairs by their new gate as the sirens continued to wail and babies howl in the background.

Tarek El Moussa Kisses Heather Rae Young's Pregnant Belly
The couple announced last week that they are expecting their first child together.
Christina Cernik Photography

“We’re still not gone,” the house flipper complained before turning to show his exhausted wife next to him. “Nine hour delay now, [and] another alarm clock. This is the travel day from hell, everyone. From hell!”

An hour later, he and Young — who began dating in July 2019 and married in October 2021 — announced that they had finally “made it off the plane!”

Unfortunately, by then their pilot had timed out, so they had to “get off the plane” again.

Heather Rae Young flashes a peace sign from the front seat of a car and Tarek El Moussa drives
They said “I do” last October.

“We’re still in New York City. We are at the baggage claim. And we’re going to do this all over again tomorrow,” said a defeated El Moussa.

The “last Instagram of the night” showed the tired pair in their hotel bed. “What can go wrong, goes wrong,” said El Moussa, with Young adding that neither of them had ever experienced a flight cancellation before.

El Moussa shares 11-year-old daughter Taylor and 6-year-old son Brayden with ex-wife Christina Haack.

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