Kylie Jenner Called ‘Climate Criminal’ After 17-Minute Jet Flight

Kylie Jenner is facing huge backlash from social media users for bragging about her and her boyfriend Travis Scott’s private jets and using hers to take short flights.

The Twitter account @CelebJets Jenner’s plane route posted after flying from Camarillo, California, to Van Nuys, California last Tuesday, estimating the journey would take just three minutes instead of a 45-minute drive.

The page clarified later that the total flight time was 17 minutes in the end.

While the Twitter feed normally lists pounds of jet fuel used, fuel costs, and tons of CO2 emissions, it didn’t for Jenner’s jaunt.

Three days after the high-speed flight, the reality star, 24, posted a black and white photo of her and Scott, 31, posing in front of their private jets.

“will you take mine or yours?” she boldly captioned the Instagram post Friday.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott kiss in front of two private jets.
Jenner gave an inside look at the couple’s private jets via Instagram.

Social media users then hit out at Jenner on Twitter and Instagram being a “full-time climate criminal”.

“Can’t wait to see Kylie Jenner posting pictures of environmental awareness to her stories as if she wasn’t alone doing more damage to the environment than most of us with her 3-minute flights,” an Twitter user wrote.

Added one more“Every time a paper straw starts to dissolve in my drink, I think of Kylie Jenner using a private jet for 3-minute flights and I get mind-numbingly angry.”

Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner pose on a private jet.
Social media users criticized Jenner, seen here with mom Kris Jenner, for flying privately amid a climate crisis.

On Instagram, a user went to Jenner’s comments section to ask, “Who?[e] plane should [use to] are we polluting the earth today?”

Another wondered, “But what about fighting climate change?”

A third follower wrote, “Why should I limit my meat consumption and use paper straws when the 1% is allowed to pump tons of carbon into the atmosphere for a day trip to Palm Springs?”

Kylie Jenner and daughter Stormi walk into their plane.
The reality star regularly documents her private jet flights.

Jenner, who was previously mocked for making average messages sound ambitious, has yet to address the controversy.

The ‘Kardashians’ star came under fire in 2019 when she picked up sister Kendall Jenner for dinner in her jet.

Kylie Jenner holds her hands on either side of her face in the back of a luxury car.
The “Kardashians” star has yet to address the comment.

When many Twitter users laughed at the siblings for not taking first-class flights, some stepped in to defend Kylie and the 26-year-old model.

“There is no question of KYLIE JENNER AND KENDALL JENNER taking first class flights,” wrote one fan. “These bitches are MOREOVER FAMOUS for being harassed. If you could afford a private jet, you would.”

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