A Board on Board fence: what is it? Examine your alternatives for board-on-board fence.

A privacy fence with an overlapping pattern of vertical pickets is called a board-on-board fence. This type of fence is sometimes known as a “board and batten fence.” The spaces created between the boards by wood shrinkage are hidden by this kind of fence. Pickets are arranged in a first layer using 6″ wide boards … Read more

Texas Fence Laws: All the Information You Need

Texas has very little to no fence restrictions for property owners, in contrast to many other states. Since Texas has historically been a “open range” state, cattle producers are exempt from having to corral their animals in several counties. Read More: texas fence laws There are some situations where you really need to exercise caution, … Read more

How to Make Your Fence Waterproof

One of those things you’ve been meaning to do for the past several months but simply never got around to is waterproofing your fence now that spring is really here and the rain is starting to fall. Fear not—there is still time! Wood may be severely damaged by water, quickly warping, cracking, and decaying. A … Read more