How to Make Your Fence Waterproof

One of those things you’ve been meaning to do for the past several months but simply never got around to is waterproofing your fence now that spring is really here and the rain is starting to fall. Fear not—there is still time! Wood may be severely damaged by water, quickly warping, cracking, and decaying. A fence’s lifespan can be greatly increased with a fast application of sealant.

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Does my fence need to be sealed?

To determine whether your fence actually needs to be sealed, you may first do a quick test. Because an active sealing element is included in most paints and stains, you could already be protected. Try spritzing the fence with some water; if it beads on the surface, you should be ready to go. However, if it quickly seeps into the wood, giving it a deeper tone, you may want to think about using a sealer.

Prepare the ground.

The fence has to be quickly cleaned, just like before painting or staining. To get rid of any surface filth or mold, you can use a soft brush and wood cleaning (not stripper) or a pressure washer to give the wood a brief rinse.

Use wax polish or water sealant.

Wood that has already been treated, stained, painted, or left untreated may all be treated immediately with waterproofing sealant. The majority of sealants have an acrylic-latex foundation, however silicone-rubber bases have been shown to last a little longer. The wood is waterproofed and shielded from fading and breaking in the sun by the sealer. Just remember to put on safety goggles and gloves while using a brush or garden sprayer to apply the product.

Sealing wax polish goes one step beyond, forming a barrier that keeps out dust and debris in addition to water. It may keep your fence appearing brand-new and cover up flaws like dents or fractures.

If you don’t have enough time before winter arrives to paint or stain, think about applying a fast layer of sealer. It maintains your fence looking like new throughout the gloomy months and guards against long-term damage.