Shia LaBeouf credits FKA Twigs for ‘saving my life’ and reveals 627 days sober

Shia LaBeouf has seemingly credited his ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs with ‘saving my life’ after she publicly accused him of ‘relentless abuse’.

The 34-year-old “Cellophane” singer charged 36-year-old LaBeouf with sexual assault, assault and inflicting emotional distress in December 2020.

Twigs accused the actor of suffocating her, threatening to crash the car they were in and knowingly giving her a sexually transmitted disease. But LaBeouf has denied her claims.

He said she was “not entitled to any compensation or compensation”.

With their trial date set for next year on April 17, LaBeouf admitted he experienced a major “shift in perspective” that saw his accuser save his life.

In an interview released Thursday with Bishop Robert Barron of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries, LaBeouf opened up about his new frame of mind.

“When I think about what happened in my life like this, the old me was so upset, so mad at the woman who accused me of all this,” he said, referring to FKA Twigs.

“I wanted to go on Twitter and write all these things. I wanted to justify this and explain all this. Now I really see that the woman saved my life. She is a saint to me in my life. She saved my life. The change of perspective feels wonderful.”

In a desperate attempt to become a better version of himself, the actor admitted that he had quit alcohol for good and has been sober for over a year and a half now.

FKA Twigs
Shia Labeouf’s ex-girlfriend FKA Twigs, who claimed he abused and threatened her during their relationship.
Dave Benett/Getty Images

LaBeouf talked about his personal “journey” in a recent letter addressed to Olivia Wilde amid their bitter feud.

“I’ve embarked on a journey that feels redeeming and righteous (dirty word but appropriate),” he told Wilde before denouncing claims she fired him from the film.

“I write to you now with 627 days of sobriety and a moral compass that never existed before my great humiliation which was the last year and a quarter of my life.”

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