Shanna Moakler’s Beau Matthew Rondeau Pleads Not Guilty to DV

Shanna Moakler’s on-again, off-again boyfriend pleaded not guilty Friday to multiple charges of domestic violence following a feud in February.

The Los Angeles prosecutor has charged Matthew Rondeau with domestic violence, violence and vandalism, according to court documents obtained by Vidak For Congress. He pleaded not guilty to all charges but has scheduled a preliminary hearing on Monday.

Moakler, who is back with Rondeau, told TMZ she is refusing to press charges against her beau.

“I’m not filing any charges. I hope the city attorney respects my wishes and also drops everything,” she said. “I will support Matthew 100 percent. This has disrupted our lives enough. We have both learned from this experience that we never wanted to make public, and we are eager to move forward in a positive and peaceful way.”

Meanwhile, Rondeau described himself as an “admirable person”, despite the charges he faces.

Matthew Rondeau angrily screams on Instagram Live.
The charge stems from the moment he went live on Instagram and threw expletives at the “Celebrity Big Brother” alum.

“I haven’t even spoken or made a comment because I’m so saddened and disgusted by the story the media has portrayed me,” Rondeau, 30, told the outlet. “I pray that the City of LA will allow me to show them that they made the right choice by dropping all charges against me. I am an admirable person, a wonderful son and a very respectable and loving partner.”

Rondeau was arrested earlier this year after he posted a disturbing video on social media in which he insulted the 47-year-old “Celebrity Big Brother” and accused her of cheating.

Shanna Moakler sits on top of Matthew Rondeau
The tumultuous couple have since reconciled.

According to the now-deleted, expletives-filled rant on Instagram, Moakler is said to have left their home and spent the night with a neighbor, his wife and their children. When Moakler returned the next morning, the fighting continued, reportedly turned physical, and then the police were called.

Moakler was given a protective order against Rondeau, which ultimately proved futile as they reconciled anyway.

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