Britney Spears shares texts she sent from a mental health facility

Britney Spears has receipts.

The pop star posted — and immediately deleted — screenshots of text messages she sent her mother, boyfriend and lawyer after she was reportedly forced into a mental health facility in 2019.

“It’s a bit different with evidence,” Spears, 40, wrote on Instagram early Monday.

In the first screenshot, the ‘Toxic’ singer wrote to her mother, Lynne Spears, “He said he wants the seraquil [sic] and I’m like whoaaaaaa horsey go f–k yourslwf [sic].

“Seraquil I thought it was a sleep aid, but it’s for bipolar and is WAAAAAY stronger than lithium.”

It’s unclear whether Britney was referring to a doctor or to her father, Jamie Spears, who, as her conservator, oversaw her medical care.

Seroquel, also known as quetiapine, is an antipsychotic drug that treats mood disorders, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, according to WebMD.

“I literally feel everything [sic] the sick medicine in my stomach,” Britney continued in her text to Lynne. “I feel like he’s trying to kill me. I swear to god I do.”

The Grammy winner claimed in her Instagram caption that she received “no response” from Lynne, 67, at the time, but she did hear from her mother when she checked out of the facility.

“Her words were, ‘You should have let me visit and give you a hug,'” Britney wrote.

Lynne Spears and Jamie Spears walk together.
Britney has been estranged from her parents, Lynne and Jamie Spears for years.

In the second screenshot, the “Crossroads” star asked her childhood friend Jansen Fitzgerald to help her find new counsel.

When Britney’s conservatorship began in 2008, a Los Angeles judge appointed a lawyer to represent her. She didn’t get the right to hire her own lawyer until 2021.

“I need John Bells’ number please,” Britney Fitzgerald texted in 2019. “If you can.”

She then asked her boyfriend about lithium, the mood-stabilizing drug Britney told the court in 2021 that left her feeling “drunk” after her team reportedly changed her medications without her consent.

“I have a feeling you’ll say it’s going to be okay, but it’s still not right,” Britney Fitzgerald texted, claiming in her Instagram caption that she also “never heard from her again.”

In the final screenshot, the message is “Oops!… I Did It Again,” the singer told her court-appointed attorney, Samuel D. Ingham III, that she wanted to make some changes in her life after being released from the facility. .

“I want to talk about going to court when this is done and getting my medical rights,” she wrote, adding that she wanted her custody to end.

“When this program is over, I don’t want to work at all…I want to live for myself and live an adventurous life,” Britney told Ingham.

She closed her Instagram caption by sharing a text that her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, reportedly sent her around the same time, although Britney didn’t include a screenshot of it.

“‘They won’t let you go, so why are you fighting them,'” Jamie Lynn, 31, is said to have written.

Britney claimed in her first-ever public court speech last summer that her father, Jamie, 70, had sent her to a mental institution against her will after a disagreement over her since-cancelled Las Vegas stay ‘Domination’.

“My father and everyone involved with this conservatory – and my management, who played a big part in punishing me when I said no – ma’am, they should be in jail,” she told the judge at the time.

Jamie, who has denied any allegation, was suspended as Britney’s conservator last September, and the legal settlement was terminated altogether in November.

Lynne was previously given partial credit for the conservatoire’s end, arguing in court documents obtained by Vidak For Congress that “the status quo would have persisted” if not for her “ruthless advocacy” for her daughter.

Vidak For Congress has reached out to Lynne’s attorney, Jamie Lynn and Fitzgerald’s representative for comment.

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