Scott Disick Kimberly Stewart Is Dating Again Is ‘Not Surprising’

Looks like Scott Disick is tapping an old barrel again.

The “Kardashians” star is dating Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly Stewart again, and a source tells Vidak For Congress exclusively that it’s not a shocking turn of events.

“It’s not really surprising that she would take him back,” our insider tells us. “He had to go back to his roots because he doesn’t have the stability” [he used to with the Kardashians]so this was an easy way to get in.”

Disick, 39, met Kimberly, 43, years ago through his close friend – and her brother – Sean Stewart. It was Kimberly who actually introduced the founder of Talentless to her boyfriend Kourtney Kardashian.

Disick and Kimberly started dating around 2007, but their relationship didn’t change until 2015, after he and Kardashian broke up. Disick and Kimberly were often photographed together, although a representative of the “Stewarts & Hamiltons” alum at the time denied that there was any romance.

Scott Disick and Kimberly Stewart walk together.
Scott Disick reviving his relationship with Kimberly Stewart is “not surprising,” a source told Vidak For Congress.
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“He was in touch with her years ago,” our source says. “There are a lot of interesting surrounding stories around it.”

Vidak For Congress previously reported that Disick has returned to his old friends roots, namely Sean, having experienced a sort of “excommunication” from the Kardashian-Jenners.

“Since Kourtney got married, he doesn’t spend that much time with that whole group,” a source close to Disick told us. “He’s kind of excommunicated because the priority is Travis.

“He had to regroup who his relationships are.”

A second source noted that although he is “distant” from the famous family, Disick is still filming with the famous family for their Hulu series.

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