Scott Disick, Kimberly Stewart Dating Causes Tension With Sean

Scott Disick’s newfound relationship with Kimberly Stewart is causing tension between her and her brother Sean Stewart, who is “very protective” of the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” alum, a source told Vidak For Congress exclusively.

We’re told that despite public appearances, Kimberly, 43, and Sean, 42, “don’t get along at all,” and the Dirty Weekend clothing founder is concerned that his longtime friend, 39, will be injured.

“Sean is very protective of Scott,” our insider says. “He’s probably afraid Kimberly will break his heart.”

Our source claims Kimberly would be cruel to Sean by saying, “She doesn’t think he’s smart or ambitious,” and he would publicly respond to her criticisms.

“He was constantly complaining about her. She’s bossing him around, yelling at him, and basically trying to tell him how to live his life,” our source says, adding that Kimberly seemed “jealous” of Sean for the attention he was getting over his clothing line.

The best of Kimberly Stewart and friend Scott Disick

We’re told Sean gets “greedy” from the time he spends with Disick, his best friend.

The best of Kimberly Stewart and friend Scott Disick

We’re told Sean gets “greedy” from the time he spends with Disick, his best friend.

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“Her relationship with Scott couldn’t make things any easier between the two siblings,” added our insider.

A second source tells us all three are “super dysfunctional” and notes that the relationship between Kimberly and Sean has always been “up and down”.

“Now that Scott is back [in Sean’s life]Sean is overly greedy about the time he spends with him,” the source explained.

Sean Stewart and Kimberly Stewart are sitting together.
“She doesn’t think he’s smart or ambitious,” an insider said of Kimberly and Sean’s family relationship.
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Representatives for Disick and the Stewarts did not immediately respond to Vidak For Congress’s requests for comment.

Vidak For Congress reported exclusively in August that the daughter of Disick and famed musician Rod Stewart, who rekindled their romance, was no surprise to those close to them.

“It’s not really surprising that she would take him back,” an insider said. “He had to go back to his roots because he doesn’t have the stability” [he used to with the Kardashians]so this was an easy way to get in.”

Disick met Kimberly through Sean years ago. It was Kimberly who actually introduced the founder of Talentless to her boyfriend Kourtney Kardashian, with whom he would have three children.

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