Save up to 25% on Native, the Cardi B brand loves

Cardi B may love dollars and diamonds, but she’s just as obsessed with Native’s sweet-smelling Baked by Melissa Tie-Dye Vanilla Cupcake body wash ($9).

“Just know I smell like cake,” Cardi B wrote on an Instagram story in March.

If Cardi B’s fanfare for the personal care brand wasn’t enough to jump on the Native bandwagon, here’s the trick.

Now celebrating their seventh birthday, Native is offering shoppers up to 25% off all their great-smelling products through July 23.

This includes discounts on best-selling fragrances such as Coconut & Vanilla, Cucumber & Mint, Citrus & Herbal Musk, and more.

To activate the sale, just use the promo code BDAY20 to get 20% off purchases of $40 or more and the code BDAY25 for 25% off purchases of $60 or more.

Cardi B Native Instagram Post

While Cardi B’s favorite Native x Baked by Melissa Tie-Dye Vanilla Cupcake body wash is no longer available on the Native website (sorry, Cardi, you’ll have to go to Target for this one), you can still score the yummy scent in the regular ($13) and branded sensitive deodorant ($13).

We’ve listed some of our other native favorites below to celebrate properly. Keep scrolling or shop the entire website here.

Native deodorant

Native Regular Deodorant, $13

Native deodorant

Want to upgrade your scent game with Native? Then be sure to check out the brand’s iconic line of delicious-smelling regular deodorants.

Choose from 12 different classic scents, including Lilac & White Tea and Sweet Peach & Nectar, and five limited edition scents, including the famous Tie-Dye Vanilla Cupcake option.

Best of all, it only uses ingredients that are good for you, such as coconut oil, shea butter, and baking soda. The application is also smooth and non-greasy.

Native Sensitive Deodorant, $13

Native Sensitive Deodorant

If you struggle with sensitive skin but want to use the beloved Native brand for a long time, now you can.

Native has developed a formula without baking soda for people with skin sensitivities. Enjoy four classic scents and four limited edition scents.

Native Plastic Free Deodorant, $13

Native plastic-free deodorant

If you want the same naturally derived Native Deodorant you know and love, but want a plastic-free option, you’re in luck.

Now available in plastic-free packaging made from cardboard sourced from responsibly managed forests, you can enjoy eight different classic scents, two limited edition scents and two sensitive scents.

Native body

Native Body Wash, $9

Native Body Wash

Made with clean ingredients, this body wash leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Best of all, it produces a pristine lather that’s too good to pass up.

Choose from 10 classic scents and four limited edition options.

Native Lotion, $11

Native lotion

Say goodbye to dry, flaky skin. With Native’s lotion you can enjoy plant-based hydration from head to toe.

Enjoy the delicious scents of Coconut & Vanilla, Lavender & Rose and Eucalyptus & Mint.

Native Soap, $10

Native Body Bar

Ultra-hydrating meets residue-free suds in this Native bar soap. Made with coconut oil, water and glycerin and free from phthalates and sulfates, you can enjoy six different scents. Each back comes with two bars of soap.

Native skin care

Native Brightening Skin Care, $10-$20

Native skin care

Remove dirt, oil and impurities when you choose Native’s clarifying skincare collection.

In this collection, you can score a Brightening Facial Cleanser ($10), Brightening Facial Serum ($20), and a Brightening Moisturizer ($20).

Each item in the collection comes in the refreshing Citrus & Bergamot scent with Vitamin C and Vitamin B3.

Native Moisturizing Skin Care, $10-$20

Native skin care

If moisturizing your sweet, supple skin is your number one priority, opt for Native’s hydrating skincare collection.

Enjoy a facial cleanser, serum and lotion packed with coconut and vitamin B3. These items come in the delicious scent Coconut & Vitamin B3.

native sun

Native Facial Sunscreen, $16

Native sunscreen

Did someone say a reef safe broad spectrum SPF 30 mineral sunscreen? We sure did!

This Native facial sunscreen comes in Coconut & Pineapple or unscented versions. Made with 100% Zinc Oxide, a lightweight formula and no white cast, this is one sunscreen you’ll want to have in your closet.

Native Body Sunscreen, $20

Native sunscreen

Ideal for all-over protection, this Native body sunscreen is lightweight, absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. Score it in Coconut & Pineapple, Rosé and unscented options.

Native Hair Care

Native Shampoo and Conditioner, $9

Native shampoo

Choose from strengthening, daily clean, moisturizing or volumizing shampoo and the matching conditioner to get the best version of your hair yet. Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to score well – especially when each bottle is just $9!

Native 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner, $9

Native 2-in-1 hair care

If one bottle seems like too much hassle, native is there for you.

Look out for a two-in-one option that combines shampoo and conditioner to cleanse and care for in one easy step. Choose from a scalp refreshing formula or a full and thick option.

Native Hair Mask, $9

Native hair mask

Complete your hair care routine with this hair mask made to nourish each strand and restore moisture. It is available in a great scent of almond and shea butter.

Native toothpaste

Native Fluoride Toothpaste, $10

native toothpaste

Give your teeth a little treat with this fluoride toothpaste (and it goes great with your electric toothbrush too). Available in Wild Mint, Detoxifying Charcoal and Soothing Mint, each flavor whitens teeth and is free of Triclosan, SLS and artificial preservatives.

Native Fluoride Free Toothpaste, $10

native toothpaste

If you want all the goodness described above, but without the fluoride, you’re in luck. Enjoy a fluoride-free option available in Wild Mint and Detoxifying Charcoal.

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